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> > >From: kfalcon
> > >To: "Occupied Newbie'
" > > >Subject: request for legal services
> > >Date: Mon, 6 Jan 2003
 > > > > > > Attorney Elizabeth Snyder of Legal Services has requested
 > >I
 > > >e-mail you to inform you that she will be unable to speak with you at
 > > >time.
She also urges that you work with the Client Assistance Program if
> > > > >all possible.
> > > > > >Speaking for myself and the CAP program, please keep me informed of your
> > >detailed intentions re any future relationship you may have with VESID. I
 > > > >will help in whatever way works best and provides you with the IPE \
> > >that suits your current employment needs.
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> >From: Occupied Newbie
> >Sent: Saturday, January 11, 2003
> >To:
 > >Subject: Re: request for legal services
 > > > > > > > >Thank you Kate but I need to speak to Ms. Snyder myself on this.
 > > > >Just one of the things I would like to know about VESID is if they pay for
> >consumer's expenses to a job. This is a job happy with my work and I'm
> >happy working there.

> >From: kfalcon
> > >To: Occupied Newbie
> >Subject: RE: request for legal services
> >Date: Mon, 13 Jan 2003
> > > >Yes, they can pay for needed expenses to a job on a limited basis. Carfare,
> > >gas/or mileage, repairs, etc. Depends on what you mean, 'consumer's
> >to a job'...
> >

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>From: Occupied Newbie
>Sent: Thursday, February 20, 2003
>Subject: RE: request for legal services
> > > >Kate,
> >The library where I am happened to be open late on Thursdays so here i am.
> >She may deny taking my case but Senator Clinton's office didn't think that
>was ok the last time I heard from them.
> >I am getting in over my head in some ways. Where VESID would, should, and
>could be helping me (expenses, etc,). I am way over qualified for the
>position I'm in. I am versed in a high degree of software and the company
>I'm working for puts out professional documentation that I could very easily
>fit into doing. There's much more to it than that. I am getting higher and
>higher credit card payments just to stay where I work (for a fraction of the
>money I'm worth - I've been trained in a high degree of software). That's
>not even mentioning all the expenses. I'm sorry I had to hang up so fast
>from the phone today but even making phone calls is a problem for me these
>days and I can only hope I won't get in trouble making the long distance
>call from work.
> >I am expecting someone to start taking action on my behalf some time. Like
>I said, I don't see this as progress. It is largely just overcoming the
>suppression these vindictive people are doing to me. I can almost prove
>that Pam Dority is doing just that (along with others).
> >I'll check my email again probably Friday night or Saturday.
> >I look forward to see what VESID's next step is. I still need legal
>assistance (doctor's orders).
> >I look forward to your response.
> >Thanks

>From: kfalcon

>To: Occupied Newbie
>Subject: RE: request for legal services
>Date: Fri, 21 Feb 2003
> >Debbie Reyome may, she hasn't yet, deny you vocational rehab services based
>on the fact that you are employed full time, but she just may. You believe
>that you have not maximized your employment potential, which is part of the
>federal regs guidelines.
>Is there a chance that you may be able to move up within the company in
>order to utilize your capabilities? I know that you understand that a job
>with more pay usually entails more responsibility and more pressure. If you
>feel that the environment where you are now is conducive to keeping you
>productive, and that the management there will provide accommodations should
>you require them, then that may be a logical step for you to take. You have
>not been there that long, but if you think that the long trip would be
>wearing over time, (60 miles is a lot), then perhaps you can keep looking in
>local papers for other jobs closer to home for the time being. I'll get in
>touch with Debbie R. today.
> >Kate

Subject: FWD from 2/23/03 RE: request for legal services

And Kate what are you going to do for me if she denies me services?  I am burning out the way I'm doing this.  I'm am not stable doing this on my own.  It's not in a healthy situation.  I'm in a temp position and I'll find out mid March what is happening with the position.  I am burning out living life the way I am without services.  I'm  expecting that I'll get VESID straight to help me wiht the life management I need.  VESID is supposed to help me and I need help!  I'm getting by the way I am but it's not enough.
Yes I know about keep looking for a different job the way I am but that's part of the management I need help with.  While concentrating on this job I don't have time to job hunt elsewhere.  Nor do I have adequate phone or internet access to do so.  While concentrating on this job my home (setup) is neglected.  While it's neglected, I don't have a tidy, manageable home to come home to.  While I don't have a managed home life, I have mass transit in my head, etc...  do you see what this is adding up to?
It would seem typical of VESID to deny services and that's part of what I need legal assistance about that stems in Utica. 

May 3rd 2014
Omg mom does it again! But instead of looking into a possible decades old mistake of my disabled welfare simply keeps up her "oh no that's not it" attitude! Someone save us!
she still says and does nothing about it but tends to christine's needs as if nothing is wrong. what a moron! atleast for handicapped needs!
i dont need this fucking harassment. 3 hrs later stupid says that the decades old mistake was a matter that decades ago a doctor signed papers that Christine is disabled. earlier that year is when mom drove me to a hospital for a diagnosis not even mentioning i already had a diagnosis when released from a children's hospital over a decade earlier. there is a pattern of neglect here and a pattern of just wanting to not deal with this overwhelming situation and not reaching out to anyone for help. I'll be hanging out more underwear soon.
This woman just goes on and on causing so much stress 1 about the paperwork she can't find for christine's appt and once finds it everyone can take a breath 2 can't remember right now when she repeated her infamous "I can't take this anymore" which crashed this life into a wall. There's always A PROBLEM. I'm too numb right now to comment further.

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