Friday, May 2, 2014

May 2nd 2014

Btw I'm still left to die even with these FB postings. After I posted about christine's tantrum following getting something wrong after my collectors called here the collection calls to this house stopped. Recently since I posted about the bus lift one of the drivers atleast has been automatically been putting down the lift for Christine. That type of silent uninvolvement but band-aiding the situation from afar has led me to where I am. Ever see the movie The Firm with Tom Cruise? I'm pretty sure it's this movie that Tom comes home to tell his wife about their house being bugged. Hollywood may put it into that context but i'm still trying to figure out who would be behind this reality TRUELY. potsdam would seem to be the government given it's a close tie-in with canadian capital Ottawa. Keep in mind Alanis says " I recommend walking out round naked in your living room." Why would she say that? My mother has long since embarrassed me walking around this house with only underwear on and the window coverings wide open. Why does she do that when it's obvious that's something you can do in the fields of Ireland or in the hustle-bustle NYC but not here in quiet suburbia?

Last unanswered communication to Christopher Luango, deputy surrogate:
To Sun, Nov 17, 2013
In case you're not following this on facebook this interaction between Claire Mould and this household reveals why this case needs to be reopened.
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fortune cookie: "time is precious but truth is more precious than time." perhaps Claire and The Way International should apply chimese philosophies to medical conditions. Last night I was woken by a dream of all I heard was a loud scream but I can't say it came from a person. The dream gave me understanding or perspective from the outside of how no one wants to be on the receiving end of when certain brain injury symptoms kick in like the inability to stop from going psycho on the most personal people in my life who ignore the essence of my needs to stay sanely interactive with them. Brain injury counselors know that symptom of when a raw nerve is being ridden upon there is an inability to stop from hitting the roof so to speak (not to be confused with "manic-depression"). Mom doesn't remember going with me to one of these professionals long ago who put that symptom into words. These are brain injury symptoms Claire walks away from dealing with and understanding and without intervention how do I not have my hands tied and wind up a casualty in all this?
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Occupied Newbie just had another flasback of being ignored. there was a time that for close to a year when i was 15 constantly begging mom to buy a steamer for cooking our vegetables because it's healthier. as usual with SO MANY things i went ignored until her sister told her she bought one and although it may sound comical to some that is a black comedy highlighting the world of invalidation i was raised in post-injury which had serious consequences that leads me to being the casualty of this woman needing to have had oversight in raising her children post-injury. Edited · Like · More · 3 hours ago
Occupied Newbie feeling light-headed todayand not sure why. somtimes low blood pressure can do that and if you're eating things like garlic which can further lower blood pressure that can happen. is my heart finally giving out? if so DO NOT save me and throw a party that i'm resting in peace. Like · More · 2 hours ago
Occupied Newbie =%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DcRT_cNfsQsk
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Smithereens With Belinda Carlisle - Blue Period
Occupied Newbie Claire just left and still wont address a life and death issue so i simply kept reading this entire thread over and over and i went ignored. she's coming back and i will resume and their cruelty will resume as well. mark my words. mom says take Christine to the get-better plan and i will not do that, lessons learned, without there being some kind of formal oversight. Mom can have her pride or I have no saving in this life. Mom is doing like my exboyfriend did of reverse psychology in trying to turn this to be just some almost -mysterious problem of my own. Christine was able to answer what mom didn't understand of who the ex is. For me that is a joyous milestone and reminds me of all the good me and my ex did for Christine with a btand new puppy we helped Christine with. Mom sees that as trivial. That highlights the aloofness to our medical needs. I don't hate my mom by any means. But mom has and is making it impossible for still won't accept my refusal to do this get-better plan informally based on experience. Claire is back and I will not back down from her knowing what she is consciensly denying /ignoring. Edited · Like · More · 1 hour ago
Occupied Newbie so Claire has been addressedby mom and Claire is experiencing a temper tantrum. glad Claire finally witnesses this. Claire now knows the screaming Christine does. mom just said anyone would scream at me. the brain injury temper tantrum is still happening. when Christine was scteaming Claire had to go in a room and close the door because she can't handle her family as they are. all this time Claire says i'm the only one who does this. i texted telling her but she denies getting those kind of communications. not that it matters but Claire finally sees this is not just me. mom asked Claire if she would sit down w a professional and Claire refused. Edited · Like · More · 31 minutes ago
Occupied Newbie I'm sure Claire will sourly regret ignoring her family believing god has taken care of her. Claire has not been in this house to know the lives she left behind. i'm so glad Claire finally witnesses but i dont trust she will healthfully know what to do with this knowledge because she is uninvolved in the crux of her family. We already heard it from the horses mouth she refuses to sit down with a mediator. I hugged Christine apologizing she is going thru this but obviously Claire is not in this family's best interest. This is why I keep sending out sis flares for help. Nobody is coming to our aid. Mom tried. Edited · Like · More · 17 minutes ago
e Claire just left. like all of us she can't function with background noise which was my reading material. Like · More · 15 minutes ago
Occupied Newbie Claire has FINALLY WITNESSED WHAT SHE LEFT BEHIND. I almost want to postpone my annihalation date to see how this plays out. i think i most definitely will hold off. exactly what i've been saying that Claire does not know enough about this household. i just dont have anyone (legal help) to get the surrogate's court to reopen the case. I'll probably email this entire thread to the deputy surrogate. He has not returned any of my phone calls or emails. Edited · Like · More · Just now

To Fri, Nov 15, 2013
I'm still at my mother's house. We started seeing a mediator who is a witness to some things I've been saying. Claire Mould told mom it's ok for me to be the medical guardian. Without me being involved Christine is missing out on these type of advances that will evolve into brain injury and paralysis if not already: /stem-cell-transplant-when-do-people-need-transplant

 To Mon, Aug 12, 2013
Mr. Luongo,
I am awaiting your response to this issue of forwarding my matter to the judge since there is no form as you indicated and my life is on the line in the next month.
I was supposed to be dead in November having run out of resources with good credit. I then learned about Strike Debt from the Occupy Wall Street movement: on October 25, 2012 at the Oakland California pepper spraying anniversary. I myself have permanent injuries from police which is the tip of the iceberg for all the other vulnerabilities that I have been unprotected from all these inappropriate years as a developmentally disabled child turned vulnerable adult.
Having run out of all resources including a simple line of credit in my checking account I had the final date of my final road trip to be the beginning of August. Just then a job happened out of no where -the type of college educated job I should have had for the past 15 or so years where I'm treated as should be and have the opportunity for growth. I seem to be kept alive for a reason so you need to get busy on this and you need to let me know in writing if you are unwilling to act.
I don't intend on leaving my house untended to in upstate NY for another winter as has been the case for the 2012-2013 winter season. I have no one to look after my affairs. As is evident my mother was not good with planning - not even for herself. She never had any plans to retire but she was forced to stop working due to being laid off. She will now face the prospect of age discrimination in getting another job. That will give her a taste of the disability discrimination that has been ruining my future for the last 15 years among a myriad of other issues that all indicate the appropriateness of having Judge Wilson's careless decision from 2009 redone.
Christine's treatment plan still remains unacted upon without me being involved. I just spoke with my mother a few minutes ago and it is the same normal conversation as any other day. She misled everyone. She just didn't know how to explain me as her daughter.
You don't want to be haunted by me when I'm gone. Do the right thing and forward this matter to the new judge so a family can be together. I'm expecting to hear back from you.

To Fri, Aug 9, 2013
Dear Mr. Luongo,
I followed up your directions exactly to google the form you told me: "motion to reopen case morris county surrogate's court" and there was no form. I called Sally who said she never heard of the form but gave me forms on the website that come close to this. I don't need to fill out wrong forms over this most serious matter. I need you to forward all my requests to the new judge or however this will be legally handled. I don't have time left that you are indicating with the regular mail system and waiting for someone to get around to this.
As I repeat myself to you I have no money left. That the money released to me from the Morris County Surroggate's court has gone to inappropriate post-medical-need college, inappropriate living, and then finally when Judge Wilson made a decision to ignore my mother's recklessness even further I took the last of what I had to execute my bucket list which was to drive across the country. My mother has had 8 or9 months to take care of this because I left last September.
My objective is not money. My objective is returning to my mother's house and getting Christine the updated medical care she so desires by being her medical guardian and taking her to the treatment plan still waiting for her. As I ,have stated my mother lied and misled everyone by saying I am not part of her household for over the last decade. Obviously being that I have prepared to die due to her medical neglect of me, I cannot afford to be there informally anymore.
I need the new judge to reconsider this case. Judge Wilson asked my mother point blank about the history of Christine's medical care and admonished her after receiving the same lacksidasical response as always has existed.Not only was Claire Mould given a court order she wasn't allowed back in the home after my mother acted out in court in 1985 but Claire Mould has been uninvolved in ourlives since the 1985-1986 time period. Richard Mould is uninvolved in this family's life totally yet made it a point that Claire couldn't be involved in this guardianship if I was.
This is going to turn out very bad if something is not done here. My mother is just as reckless today as she has always been not taking seriously that it's a simple matter of me going on my final road trip if I have nothing to return to. The new judge has the opportunity to save a life in a very short amount of time. Claire and Richard Mould raised a special needs child, Christopher Mould who was too smart for slow classes and too slow for normal classes so Claire Mould had to sit with him every night for those special needs. This matter has been dealt with extremely negligently and I need the new judge to redo this. If such a form exists to make a motion to reopen a case then by all means send it to me or the web address for it.

Thu, Aug 1, 2013
This is a follow-up to my call to you this morning.
You asked what I wanted to happen with the email I sent to you yesterday. Your question surprised me so I May not have answered it thoroughly. I thought I already made it clear yesterday.
I want this case revisited/retried/redone by the new judge. As is attached here my mother misled the court making out that I'm not part of her household. Christine, on a regular basis, states her desire to "get better." My mother's sister who resides in Yonkers NY, does the same as my mother of not taking her seriously -that type of neglect or oversight is how I'm in the position I am of waiting to die due to medical neglect, oversight, and lack of knowledge about the American system.
After being diagnosed in 1988 Morris County social worker Marilyn Mindes never got me involved in DDD which, at the time, I would have qualified for. My mother was forced to get Christine involved in DDD in 2001, approximately 13 years after disability onset. (Because my mother doesn't have the same relationship with Claire Mould and I refused to informally care for Christine while my mother continues to not deal with this subject matter).
I also indicated my need for legal counsel as the pro se proceeding as influenced by Sally at the Morris co. surr. Court, did more hurt than help.
I will follow up next week. My journey is on Facebook under the name Occupied Newbie. Many posts have been deleted by Facebook internal problems.

From Occupied Newbie
Wed, Jul 31, 2013
I was given your email and fax by Sally today but dont currently have access to a fax.
I am requesting the matter of Christine be revisited by the new judge since judge Wilson has retired. I need you to contact me via phone(s) or email since I am in California waiting to die as a result of my mother's medical neglect of her children. I only receive my snail mail every 2-4 months. I have a permanent job to sustain me but I am not a California resident. I have enough money to get back home with a guarantee that this matter will be revisited -particularly with the questioning of my brother-in-law Richard Mould who played a significant background role. In addition I assure you my mother misled the court. I'm attaching the voice recording of my mother telling me to come home to her any time I want.
I would like legal representation for me from the court/state.
I will follow up. I dont have a lot of time left. I need the court to act quickly.
Thank you,

Even though I got a full night's sleep last night I woke up just to numb myself back to sleep. There's enough evidence (and I have way more still) but for now:
From Occupied Newbie
Mon, Apr 1, 2013
The following was written a while ago and for some reason saved in my drafts folder. Update is that I have less than 2 months before my last $300 is used and after that I have enough to get me back to a situation conducive to all disabled children or I will die in the desert. Save this life or be haunted by injustice. I left you a voicemail recently that my mother is incoherent to this reality and was incompetent to raise me post injury in Catholic school. Of all her crimes I'm willing to settle for a plea bargain of returning to the place she's wanted me back at for years under certain conditions. I'm panicking over how close to death I am due to her and the Court's negligent oversight.
I was in the court approximately November 2009. I will die in less than a year due to resource depletion from medical negligence oversight the way things are. Judge Deanne Wilson made a grossly inadequate mistake in the Guardianship of Christine. My mother misled you all.
I only went pro se after Sally (court clerk) was reassuring that it was ok for me to go pro se. ref=tn_tnmn#!/occupied.newbie? viewas=100000686899395&returnto=profile&sk=inf o You need to reopen this case and I need adequate legal counsel. Justice was not served

Well duh! Finally??????

May 1st 2014
How about a secret list in NY of who never to hire. Makes sense to me. I remember Frack Action of NY (whom I was extremely active with) had the mentality that if Cuomo just keeps putting off the Gas companies they'll just go away. That's a ny attitude I've heard throughout the years and suspected it through the years which was more fuel to the fire to stay. Didn't think about one of these though which is probably the case. Onto an extra round for today. I'm so fucking tired of idling and so fucking tired not getting a break and so fucking tired of no justice ... If there's a time and a place for everything I can see how me sticking around ny for social media to hang ny's underwear out all came together. 

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