Thursday, May 1, 2014

posting this early because there's a cop here and I'm not sure why. There's way too much information to post. more people contacted in futile effort to save my own life:
Sent:    Mon 12/17/01 and 12/23/01 and 12/26/01, and many more dates
Sent:    Mon 12/17/01 and many more dates
Sent:    Mon 12/17/01 and 12/21/01 and 12/23/01 and many more dates

4. 12/23/01 (vice president's office forwarded my case here)

5. 1/25/02 with 1-4 CC'd

Mr. Anderson,

I just got through speaking with the RILC in Utica.  Several messages over the past week have been left with Mr. Novacich and Pam Dority from VESID and nothing has been heard back.  The following is my resume:

6. 1/28/02,,,,,,, etc

Dear Mr. Novacich,

I last was informed that you did something with my case.  I'm still waiting.

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May 1st 2014
looking over all this stuff just putting together what at the time was mass transit in my head and idling made it worse. I was closed off from job services in 2000. I was carried out 2ce to an ambulance while I was watching Christine with mom away in 2001. Within a month of NYS services being proven 2ce they're a bunch of corrupt morons because the NJ hospital had no reason to admit me September 11th happened. Other records in 02 and 03 show how I just kept trying to fix this up until late 03 but then in the beginning of 04 is when NYS police attacked me and I got drugged against my will and forcibly hospitalized which canceled my way overdue surgery for 04 in March rescheduled for september 04 which is twelve years after I was told I need surgery in the first place because the orthopedic doctor destabilized my knee that year. I was held up until April 05 medically and then I moved to where the lawyer handling the police and hospital abuse was. This is exhausting going over how abuse of power led to my end...will have to pick up some other time but I will say I had no choice but to return to NYS services without a lawyer after all else failed and there still was no saving  me. The other option is to bury me. I needed protection.

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