Tuesday, May 6, 2014

1st one done from bedside but redone nonmobile

TOTALLY NOT EXPECTING THIS TO COME OUT RIGHT ON MOBILE: i haven't been capable of acting within statute of limitations and when i was i was surrounded by worthlessness...trying to rest. i'm glued to the couch. Like · More · Yesterday at 1:02pm this should normally be an enthusiastic time. it's not. i love working but this is not going to save me. i don't have a lot of time to let them know if I'll take the job or not. crash! Like · More · Yesterday at 1:15pm Occupied Newbie it's not in my nature to decline a job...crash! who did this to me? Like · More · Yesterday at 1:25pm Occupied Newbie occupiednewbie.blogspot.com glued to the bed. Like · More · Yesterday at 1:58pm Occupied Newbie glue that's a good word. i feel like I'm finally unglueing. no family to step in. no protection. i know I'm fully capable of getting and keeping a job but I'm too screwed now for a position that is not going to save me. Like · More · Yesterday at 2:32pm Occupied Newbie as is the usual i found that spark of hope that atleast i'd be making half the social security guideline benefit and could keep my ss without hassle but that's not going to be enough to pay the taxes on my house in time. Like · More · Yesterday at 3:34pm Occupied Newbie i think i'll be declining and wait for my end. there's more underwear to hang out like the work conditions i was put under at suburban with kristen wolford and how i tried to fix it through email (ccing my supervisor on it but turns out she missed the email so i had to resend her a copy) but if no one's going to fix this situation it doesn't matter anyway. in due time someone will have access to ALL the underwear. like wcny pbs station where i was a dependable employee next but was fired for asking for a disability accommodations. my lawyer settled with the eeoc for me to receive the pay i would have made but the agreement was that i would not work there anymore - something i highly contested with my lawyer but had no choice. then the eeoc guy asked his division if they should take this to the next step and the eeoc panel voted no. I know I deserved better in all these situations as I do now but that's life with hands tied. Edited · Like · More · Yesterday at 3:53pm Occupied Newbie declination done Like · More · Yesterday at 4:21pm

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