Tuesday, May 6, 2014

May 6th 2014 
sobbed today. it's hard letting go when you know it's not only not your fault but the answer is there and you just can't get to it. it's totally possible to have all resolved but some are only concerned with attitude, pride, and job security. meanwhile a life is preparing to return to spirit at the hands of negligence. when i worked for AMA i really was not being competitive. i just knew the software better and as an administrative assistant was being helpful to the manager who took it as a sign i was after her job and then acted vindictively. oh Roy Christopherson how i wish you saw the light. that's what happened. i was so happy to be back amongst the kind people of the Adirondacks too. it's hard letting go but no one is saving me now. this is probably not going to publish correctly.

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