Wednesday, April 30, 2014

One of the many many attempts I made at getting help with this NYS situation. This is a record of Colleen Kober Pasqale's infamous moments of showing her intelligence. NYS was behind police calling the police in my mother's town across state lines to get me admitted to the hospital twice for psychiatric treatment. On both occasions the emergency room doctors rolled their eyes as to why I was there and sent me home. One of the NJ emergency room doctors told me to follow up with the NY doctor when I get there but she has NO CLUE what the NY politics is. Neither did Colleen or the other cop but Colleen who knew me before coma couldn't even piece together ... she started out telling me to give her a good reason why they should not bring me to the hospital. I did my best at the time but her IQ or intuition should have told her something was off about the whole situation. Nice going Colleen! As a matter of fact that situation happened within a month of 9/11/01. 

From:     Occupied Newbie
Sent:    Thu 1/24/02

Mr. Anderson,

Following is my old message from Jan 2, 2002.  Not much has changed.  I just keep getting further into debt and further away from things I've learned in college. 

As I said earlier on the phone, I have been sending an informal coorespondance just about everyday to Washington DC.  There is a lack of good reason to with hold VESID services from me.  ... I am working with Donna Gillette of the RILC in Utica to help me in this matter.  She and I have been cooresponding with Steven Novacich of the Malone office since August of 2001.  My being dropped from other services dates back to August or September 2000.

Mr. Novacich states two emergency room visits as proof that I'm not fit for services but that lacks credibility because I was never admitted to the emergency room either time in August of 2001.  Mr. Novacich called the police to escort me to the emergency room and I had no choice but to go.  I was never admitted.  There are other inconsistencies such as Mr. Novacich stating that I was paranoid to give my old VESID counselor my doctors records when the truth of the matter is that I've had an extremely hard time transitioning from School to that type of situation (difficulty transitioning to different environments is common with my condition).  There are other inconsistencies.

I possess a Bachelor of Science degree and I'm fully capable and entitled to receive services.  I can be reached at 

Thank you,

Occupied Newbie

April 30th 2014
Mom's talking to the mother of one of the non-disabled children she used to always compare me to and put me down for not being like. She's discussing her daughter's most recent sucesses of selling her home for $1 million and it was featured in a major newspaper. Mom also in the year 2000 said I should do like all these other people by moving to an up and coming part of NJ. This same child also sold her townhouse (co-op?) from this place for double the amount of money she bought it for. I'm just not good enough. In hindsight was it worth it? A life of no protection upon being released from a children's hospital with a diagnosis of severe brain damage. From the cradle to the grave. From the flame to the frying pan. Nice job Morris County Surrogate's Court.

April 29th 2014 

What a stupid woman. Last night was yet another episode for her to get what is needed. I really get irked sometimes by her distinct whining. Well there was a lot of it last night because she got physically ill and I stayed silent waiting to see how this plays out. At one point she said to Christine "I don't know if I can help you (get ready for bed) tonight." Just like she taught Christine through stress and negativity to say she doesn't want to live here anymore but Christine doesn't say that anymore since mom recently came back at her with "then leave!" What an idiot guardian of an incompetent to say such a thing. So as usual last night is mumbling all these things she has to do when it's really obvious she's not as able-bodied to do everything anymore. Well this morning everyone woke up an hour late because the alarm wasn't set. When I saw that it was getting light outside I called Christine. Mom said she told me to to set the clock and close the front door. As if! She's already been told many times what to do at the Morris County Surrogate's Court to take care of that problem. Justice for the child that got ignored - what a stupid woman.

i still didn't say anything when I learned Christine almost lost her balance getting onto the bus yesterday morning. Mom can't request the necessity that Christine use the lift? The driver yesterday is the sourest of all drivers and is a former cop. He's the impatient kind even when he arrives early. On one of these days I had to go out to tell him nicely that "she'll be out in a few minutes. She thought she had until 9am." His response with an attitude was "well I could go and come back in a few minutes." My unspoken response was "or you could go get yourself a paper and desk job and steer clear of the public asshole." He had some validity when he told mom once that perhaps she should keep Christine home on snow and ice days because the driver's responsibility is not to leave the bus and help the patron on. Yesterday though Christine was at the bus already when this incident occurred. Something is really wrong when i'm the most competent for christine's medical needs and history happened the way it did for this loose cannon.

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