After losing my life to the scum of NYS disability services I was absolutely elated to hear from other victims of the same thing on Sunday, September 9, 2012. The below will give insight to the things happening. I have removed email addresses and other information to protect privacy which I hope I've done a good enough job of. As far as protecting the privacy of those supposed to HELP the lives of the disabled, I could care less:
Well being that I'm executing my bucket list because I will not survive without a job (only now having to stick to a "price acceptance range") and will die in protest instead of go on welfare or bankruptcy, here is an honest and open email sent to the provider fair merry-go-round. It will give an insight to the lives kept in ruin in NYS because the people holding jobs need to keep their jobs while those with brain injuries are just kept on a merry-go-round rather than actually being helped. Being that my brain injury is from 1978 I have an ahead-of-my-time understanding that brain injury knowledge was purposefully kept at bay due to insurance companies and the 1929 Omnibus Act - which is only part of the reason. When was the automobile made? Late 1800's, early 1900's? Of all the untreated brain injuries dating back to that time the government heyday of automobiles would go completely under having to compensate victims going back that far and then you consider how our country isheld together by a trucking company bonanza shipping products all over, it's no big mystery. Anyway, here's my open and honest response to the medical joke in NYS and I have nothing left to lose in stating this. I've lost all potential and means of survival by staying in NYS:
"sorry but I have to give my feedback about why I won't be there and it won't sound politically correct and is actually a quite tactless flame.

I was specifically told not to go to the provider fair if I will overtly give a piece of my mind to the little putz who is the boss of my former job coach (who is always there). You can tell that little putz that whoever said I have a body odor problem has been proven a liar time and again not only by future agencies I got involved with but also the many people in my every day life who have verified there is no problem.

Listen up putz (and I don't care if you're on this list or not) - after this happened, out of the many people I consulted with to see if there is a problem, one of them is a woman who stands next to me first thing in the morning. If I don't have a body odor problem when I'm wide open to my breath stinking and my body needing washing first thing in the morning, THERE'S NO PROBLEM YOU CHUAVINISTIC PUTZ EXCEPT YOUR EVER-PRESENT CHAUVINISM. YOU WASTED TIME IN A LIFE WITH LOTS OF POTENTIAL AND BY NOW IT'S ALL COMING TO AN END YOU JACKASS. I dare you to try to deny me freedom of speech - although after what I've seen in this state it's a great opportunity for another merry-go-round. I've put up and shut up for long enough.

Everybody just enjoy these little medical merry-go-rounds you're all riding on. I'll stick to my holistic health ways which is doing me just fine. I received my injury early enough in life to be ready for marriage, kids, and a career. I've lost that all by now and will not be riding a welfare or bankruptcy merry-go-round. I will not be bowing out gracefully from this place as you might be able to tell. (will I make it back? hmmm) And you're welcome to all those who, for job security reasons, haven't been able to give a piece of your mind to that little chauvinistic putz flying around on a cloud filled with a false sense of superiority at that disability service provider and is always at the provider fairs. Job well done NY in ruining a life!

With all wisdom and talent gone to waste,

Occupied Newbie"

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Subject: 2012 Provider Fair

Date: Monday, August 27, 2012, 2:36 PM

Hi all!

Our 2012 TBI Provider Fair is on September 20th from 10-3 at .  I have attached our Save the Date flyer and also a Registration Form for agencies that would like to register. 

We are very excited about this year's Provider Fair.  We have some very different things to offer.  We will be having a presentation (10am) from Bridges for Brain Injury.  They will be using animals in their demonstration, that is put on by TBI survivors.  We will also have our annual survivor panel and a presentation regarding Work Incentives.  There are many providers participating in the Fair and we have Day Programs and survivors who will be showing artwork, music, etc...  Also, NEW this year will be a community resources/social networking table.  Come check it out!!!!

We hope to see you there!!  If you are a professional and have not registered, please do so ASAP using the attached form.  We have some FREE tables still available!!!  Please contact me with questions.  See you there!!!


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Subject: An idea for us all Date: Sunday, September 9, 2012, 10:11 AM

Marie and Judy,

RB's understandable resignation email (text below) reflects ongoing concerns some of us have with the communication between BIANYS leadership and its members and other interested parties. As I mention in an earlier email, R makes a very salient point when he talks about people listening to us (us being people with brain injuries) but not hearing us.

It is also a concern that while Marie answers these emails and, to her great credit, engages in  discussion, we hear nothing from Judy. The concern is this is because Judy does not like to put things in writing.

Well, whether that is true or not, here is what is true. BIANYS leadership deserves to really hear what those of us who live with brain injuries and our families are saying. Many of us can't get to Albany to sit down face to face for a wide variety of reasons. With R's resignation coupled with the ending of five monthly BIANYS workshops in Albany because BIANYS says there is no money to reimburse the facilitator (me) who, at the time was driving 150 miles for each workshop even though we, the group, asked BIANYS to reimburse at half its mileage rate, means that six workshops have come to an end.

This is tragic, and in many ways inexcusable. BIANYS raises money fairly aggressively, where does it go? What is it used for?

The point is, here in an open honest email discussion we can all take part. I have no problem being wrong about things. I have no problem being corrected or dealing with it if others get mad at me.

And so, I propose that we begin a discussion group here in email or perhaps BIANYS can start a message board in which Judy can communicate with us all.

In the meantime, I would urge that all BIANYS board members be made aware of this request.

To be silent or avoid this discussion format would be to reject a way of communicating with members that is, for many of us, the most feasible as it is the least expensive.

Please know this, one of the wounds adults and children with disabilities and their families face, is being kept on the sidelines, being held at bay, not being heard, dealing with condescending pats on the backs. We should not have to establish our equality simply because our equality already exists. 

So, Judy and Marie, what do you say?  



I think with the money it raises BIANYS ought to reimburse group facilitators for their mileage. These are, after all, volunteers. One of the ways companies and agencies keep volunteers volunteering is by reimbursing them for their expenses. 

Dear Marie Cavalo, President, BIANYS Board of Directors.
I'm hoping you can help me. I'm confussed. I was in attendance at this years conference, and as usual it was very informative, although I must admit networking with other Survivors is the most rewarding.
           On Wed. morning at the annual Association meeting, you mentioned how the B.I.A. has been making conference calls to all the Support Group Leaders. Well thats part of my confusion. When I brought this matter to your attenton, that in 1.5 years as the Albany Support Group Leader I've never recieved a conference call, along with the Fact that B.I.A.N.Y.s web site doesn't even list the Albany Support Group. You appeared to be concerned, you even asked if I had told anyone else about the web site? My response was Yes, I had just found out about it on Mon. and told seveal board members on Tues.
          More confusion. I've spoken with other Group Leaders (Survivors), board members, both past and present, and most agree,that BIANYs don't HEAR what the Survivors are saying. They may be listing but they don't HEAR us.
          I will give you 3 instances of my own, of not being HEARD. 1st. It's been 18 months since I've signed paper work for B.I.A.N.Y. taking over as facilitator of not only the Albany Chapter, but the Albany Support Group as well. I'ts been over 3 months since I've mentioned that the B.I.A.N.Y.s website didn't even list there own home base Support Group. You told every one in attendance that this matter would be taken care of, still confused. It's still not listed. Am I suppose to call B.I.A.N.Y.s and beg for it to be listed, NOT. Did someone get there EGO hurt because I brought it up at the conference. Well that someone needs to get off there high horse, it's not about you or me it's about us Suvivors.
          What most of you need to realize is,this is the Brain Injury Association not the brain injury Board Association. the Survivors looking for support are the ones being hurt. 2nd. For 3 consecutive years at the conferences Iv'e suggested to several people from Mike and Judy on down to other board members about how they applaud at the conference for the Deaf. Always wth thesame results,a pat on the back and thats a good idea. They may have listened to me but they didn't HEAR me. 3rd. At the same time I've suggested to them that they all so dim the lights, because most Survivors are not only noise sensitive but light sensitive as well. Again with the same results.
           Another thing that confuses me. Every year B.I.A.N.Y.s asks all Survivors to show there ART work at te Empire State Plaza. Well on several occasions I have tried to submit someof my Wood Carvings, always with the same results. Either my Carvings are too nice or there too nice they will get stolen, or that the partitions that the Plaza loans them are not sturdy enough. Well if all this is True then in the future when you ask for Artist's in your news letter to submit there Art work, Please don't ask for all Artist. or put either all Artist's except RB or all Artist' except Wood Carvers.
           It's True that people that don't have a T.B.I. try, but don't understand.a T.B.I. 2 of the biggest obstacles that we as Survivors have to deal with on a Daily basis is the Ignorant and the Arrogant, and no I don't recomend getting a T.B.I. to have a better understanding. But we as Suvivors hope and expect that the B.I.A. would understand just a little more then the average person.
           It's an absolute shame that B.I.A.N.Y.s started out with the sole purpose of helping the Survivors, now it's all about politics and power struggles and how you can help your selfs both personnelly and professionally.
            I had 7 years of pure hell, putting up with the powers to be, in a legal battle due to my injury.I had no Choice but to put up with the Ignorant and the Arogant everyday. I now have a Choice, and my Choice is to not put up with the attitudes, like the ones that we as Survivors are recieving from B.I.A.N.Y.s. So for this reason I am resigning my position as not only the Support Group Leader but the Albany Chapter Leader as well. Sept. will be my last meeting as facilitator. Yours Truely RB (Survivor).


"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you...then, you win."

             - Mahatma Gandhi

 "Be the change you want to see in the world."

             - Mahatma Gandhi

 "Our lives begin to end the day we become   silent about things that matter."

             - Martin Luther King Jr.