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The End - At least facebook posts from where they started on my own page. Putting everything into order on here needs to happen. I have some other goodies like unanswered emails to corrupt Morris County Deputy Surrogate Christopher Luongo and a recent post I made to someone getting a raw deal from the "mental health" situation as a matter of fact I may put a different version of it at the bottom here.
March 31st 2012
sorry all. I put this on my wall. I had no idea it would end up in Newsfeed.
April 12th 2012 

April 17th 2012
April 26th 2012
time left for me if not hired:
April 30th 2012
Re-post this if you know someone who is alive today simply because you don't want to go to prison. — with Romeo Boogieman.
Ok how did I lose my life fighting these people.  Let’s start off with the fact I woke up from a month long coma at 6 yrs of age. Fast forward to when I was 25 years old it was revealed to me when I met with a brain injury counselor for the first time that the symptoms of my brain injury deal with the frontal lobe which is the part of the brain dealing with perception, judgement, emotional response, organization, prioritization, initiation, social skills, reading one’s environment, etc… Back track to when I was 19 (and had behind me years of counseling trying to figure out the mysterious psychological “problems” of me in not being able to accept my social deficiencies , etc) my life was in an inappropriate place of full time college far away.  It’s hard to put into words the amount of stress I was under at that age and place in that I was so overloaded or breaking down that it felt no matter what I did the rug was slipping from under my feet no matter what I did in keeping them in one spot.  One college official recommended me talk to the school psychologist who recommended a psychiatrist for medication and for some reason I don’t remember I was also seeing a psychologist outside the school. I started out with the psychiatrist asking me if I feel certain ways and he put me on meds. The meds gave me physical symptoms which the psychiatrist said were no big deal and there would be just some side effects temporarily. (to this day I still suffer those same side effects).  As time went on the psychiatrist kept coming up with more ways I should feel and I had to disagree with him. Eventually I was caught in the politics of all 3 professionals telling me I was lying and that I did feel these ways. Eventually I called up the psychiatrist and told him “I’m not doing this anymore” (and stopped the meds cold turkey). His response was “well it’s your choice if you want to get better or not.” (!!!yup – nice professional). When I returned home from college I had 3 professionals declare “you are NOT manic depressive!” and the diagnosis was simply depression due to head injury. Case in point: if you take a brain injured out of their familiar environment and add stress like I was under you can get reactions that can be diagnosed as psychotic. My brain injury comes from a head-on collision with a tractor trailer truck carrying gravel. We never got justice for that but instead became children of no-fault insurance. That no-fault insurance paid for the misdiagnosis and proper diagnosis. The goliath of insurance is in bed with the American Medical Association who has a long-standing root in psychiatry that all began in the 1940’s. It’s all a money making merry-go-round between big pharma, big insurance/govt etc. who tie the hands of medical doctors into belief and practice of what will keep them in business and we’re the lab rats. Your diagnosis could very well REALLY be a diminished brain capacity due to pollution or any subtle brain injuries that happened in the womb or after birth. Anyway I might be able to add to this later but you’ll read that my nightmare didn’t end with this first misdiagnosis. In the end NYS services wouldn’t help me because they needed an acceptable amount of medical history / treatment (which the proper diagnosis of brain injury is too expensive to cover) yet the 1970’s law for treatment for handicapped persons has monies set aside for psychiatry diagnosis. The ADA of the 1990s requires that not only is proper diagnosis of brain injury necessary but it's up to the states to pay for. The system set up for you with your diagnosis already has you bought and paid for as long as you do what they say. Unfortunately you’re stigmatized by a diagnosis (as I am) that making behavior accommodations is not on the table. With the massive amounts of energy I get when I’m pissed off I took on these people without a lawyer in my 20s. No wonder no one in NYS will hire me. I spoke out against them at a public hearing held by the National Council on Disability that took place in NYS and I used specific names too. I didn’t bust my ass in college for a bachelor’s degree just to live on welfare or bankruptcy so that should give some background of how I lost my life with these people.The work history I have going back to when I was ten years old doesn't mean a thing. I became a dollar sign. More than one of my medical records state I need to be working to keep my mind engaged away from stress at home and it was completely disregarded. 
Save me my way by putting me to work and taking care of all this accumulated debt or bury me six feet under. This is not my fault.

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