Wednesday, April 23, 2014

April 22nd 2014
so tonight I wound up doing a lot of dinner because mom doesn't have a lot of energy these days. As I tried to hurry things up I prepared christine's dish asking mom how much gravy. As usual she wanted to take over because she "can't explain it." ANOTHER LONG-EXISTING CIRCUMSTANCE THAT UNPREPARED ME FOR LIFE. come to think of it Stephanie taught me how to tie my shoes and Christine and stephanie taught me how to ride a bike. Maybe mom never was a teacher to begin with and goes to show I never got life needs left in this house after everyone was gone. OK FINE WHAT CAN I DO NOW MORRIS COUNTY SURROGATE COURT MORONS? ???? go ahead let me die. I'm not going thru this unnecessary isolation anymore. I was supposed to be protected. Nice job! I'm not the boy who cried wolf either. Give it time.

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