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September 26th 2012
Yellowstone is over there someplace. It's not on my itinerary to visit. Maybe some other time if I'm meant to survive via a job that will keep me above water level. Just like if I make it back I'm going South off 80/90 and investigating komomo Indiana. Just had some Jehovah' witnesses srop by and some polite conversation to save the literature for someone else as I've come to learn bout thepineal gland of the brain and lost books of the Bible, aka withheld information that has withstood the test of time :-s
Looooong lines of coal cars go hand in hand w all the many mining operations constantly turning on the roadside of 90. I pulled into a hardees pkg lot to finish off my subway sandwich after using the restroom and this was the sight in procession. When I came out it wasstarting to end and another started in the opposite direction lasting 5-7 minutes. Now there's another long procession of coveted tankers again. Ugh.
If u get to Mitchell sd be sure to go here to Indian village. They uncovered 1/2 million viewable artifacts in 2.5 hours -doing so for the next 10 years- and evidence shows they werent killed off by white men but rather ran out of resources. In digging conversation w this guy I was able to educate and direct wut would otherwise be a pro-hydrofracking veteran.
:))) hi Brenda! I'm now in Gillette Wyoming bout to post coal trains. Ur postcard is coming soon. I know you said WY! I might wait til I get to cheyenne though 

September 25th 2012
Sd has lots of these hilly mtns. Another change in plans based on things I wanted to see indicatef by my newest piece of "jewelry" dreamcatcher by mae stone at navahoe nation. Tomorrow I dont think I can resist finding hwy 66 around here for the wildlife drive thru. Morning only. Not interested in mount Rushmore - violently defacing nature for what?
September 24th 2012
Wasnt a good day4photos btwn the sun and wind and getting caught fear. No gates or security surrounding Monsanto Soybean Research facility. Among the corn fields getting here to RedwoodFalls is a billboard that asks "y r corn insects dropping like flies?" But no question "y is human DNA being altered a dime a dozen?"
it didnt seem like a visitable place especially by myself yet had I not been under time pressure traveling in daylight hours and driving to the unknown sounds great to make my presesence known!
 And 45 minutes west of that we have what shaped a lot of our lives reflecting back to a time of innocence. (Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum).
 Wasnt a good day4photos btwn the sun and wind and getting caught fear. No gates or security surrounding Monsanto Soybean Research facility. Among the corn fields getting here to RedwoodFalls is a billboard that asks "y r corn insects dropping like flies?" But no question "y is human DNA being altered a dime a dozen?"
September 20th 2012
The air smells where I'm staying which is prob wut's making me so tired. This is 1 crnr of a massive factory less than 1/4 mile away w huge tanks all around&security gates&guards like Bristol Meyers squib. I wonder if security can hear experimental dogs barking like a guy I knew at BMS. At night it's lit up like a little city. investigating I saw a sign for Koch. Aha! Soon I'll be passing Mansanto Soybean research on my way to Walnut Grove. Aha! Laura Ingalls Wilder is prob turning in her grave.
Ok it's part of Koch industries. I found the camper encampment near one of its entrances interesting.
September 19th 2012 
This is as bad as when journalists rushed to click pictures as Lady Diana lay dying in a car instead of rushing to save her life...just as bad: See More
September 17th 2012  
Having probs uploading vids from today's student debt march
Eventually I'll get there but occupiers were clearly discriminated against i.e. cited4trespass for ignoring order to stop smoking in people's plaza while video was taken of a non occupier smoking in plaza; forced to stop using chalk
September 13th 2012   
Not really a sirprise family research 2day revealed a line of unique travelers later on and women who stayed in school early on. Lots more research to do.
and good jobs. karma's gonna suck4nys
September 11th 2012    
No photo to upload bcoz of phone technology but Minnesota historical society has informed me they wouldnt b who they r w/o donations from the energy Co...if they only knew wut they were saying.MN doesn't have any shale gas plays. No danger of being fracked.
September 10th 2012     
Didnt pay $20 2go2aquarium downstairs2watch poor things in captivity given shortened life expectancies from captivity4entertainment&observation purposes (mall of America - Bloomington MN)
Congel fever @ mall of America Bloomington mn. $30 f#!&%@g bucks for an electric scooter. U know the free kind u get at the grocery store? Almost 1/2 way done w/ bucket list. Ciked to visit local native reservation soon!
September 3rd 2012      
How my departure from my local Occupy all started: and was then followed by suppression of freedoms. hahaha Record kept. 
August 15 2012       
Judy Blanco if you really need someone to bring you two forms of ID please let me know. I would take a side trip out of my future plans for you. This situation and the nice person you are calls for it. I may not be able to leave for at least 2 weeks - it's unpredictable. Last time I called your cell number your Cricket number was disconnected so just let me know.
ok keep me updated. For example today I printed out an alternate route in case I come down there to help out. It means I'd have to do what I have to do quickly coz there's no way I'm coming down there just to come back up here to and then leave. I'd leave from down there.
June 29th 2012
From a skim glance, the only thing you're not being told is the REAL reason. For example, why is almost the whole northern NY area big for Thyroid cancer? What besides radiation from god knows what causes thyroid cancer?
I also am in need of adequate legal representation over permanent shoulder injuries I sustained from police. I was asleep in my home and officers allowed themselves in and told me to tell the emergency room I was just joking. I was attacked by police while I was half asleep, forcibly medicated and forced to 3 different hospitals who never treated the shoulder sprain given to me by police. In the end the last hospital said "We think this was just one big misunderstanding and we have no reason to keep you." Please do something to help me also! Do I go to the media? This case has been in the hands of inappropriate legal counsel and i can no longer afford the monstrosity of attorney fees this will take.
Police Brutality Worse than Rodney King
Media contacts and more information:: Actual state police dashcam 
May 21st 2012

As life winds down and I live in pain everyday from the injuries I received from police I finally got a response after a year from the latest attorney to evaluate my case. No justice. No peace:

"I declined taking your case and left you a voicemail message regarding this last year. I also followed up with a second message after I did not hear from you advising that your file is available for pickup. Unfortunately your situation is not the type of matter which I am willing to handle and you have been free to consult or retain any other counsel. Please advise when you can come get your materials.

Rafael O. Gomez, Esq.
LoTempio & Brown, P.C.
One Franklin Court
181 Franklin Street
Buffalo, New York 14202-2448
Phone:716.855.3761 ext.219
Fax:: 716.855.3437"

Let this guy sue me for putting this on facebook. I have nothing left to sue. I was raised by an uneducated immigrant woman who was completely taken advantage of by the system which in turn crashed my life into a wall and the wall is only getting closer and closer at 80 mph.
 "It is good you put this on fb. We need to know these things. Now maybe a lawyer with a conscience?" 
how ironic zach is working for NYPIRG. I just posted in the comment with Eric and Keisha that she faced discrimination based on race while working for CCE (NYPIRG) while I faced discrimination by CCE (NYPIRG) when they refused to hire me (based on disability). I emailed a lawyer before I had this guy but told him if he needs money from me it will take away from my survival for the next year.
the art of letting go... Did you get my resume this time?
If you know a lawyer that will go to bat pro bono for me please send them my way. I have nothing left to look forward to.
I emailed her. Doesn't sound promising though at least for her because she doesn't cover the geographical area where it happened. Who knows. yw for reminder. I'll ask again tomorrow if it's been given to anyone or anything.
that's from like 7 years ago. I've been in touch with Barrie for different things.
oh unless you mean about resources running out. I'm not sure she knows that. Not sure if it's important. All she can do about that is recommend I go on welfare.
I was never meant to go on welfare. Had things been done correctly when they were supposed to I wouldn't have to face "The unemployment picture is so bad here that employers are getting away with discrimination."
it's kind of like when you signed up willing to die for your country. i'm willing to die for my cause/protest

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