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December 23rd 2012
Well if NYS pension fund is diverted frim the gas companies then there's hope for me. As secure as a civil service job is it's the greatest reason I'm not taking rhis easy way out. geesh As someone who stands by my convictions I've sure been shit on alot.
Fossil Free

I hope my sister is following this newsfeed if she's ever given the internet a try. Never forget our past and go to a university library and learn from a big hardcover book all the medical advances and knowledge obtained from the human sacrifices done around the world pre WWII (still ongoing).

December 22nd 2012

Something to remember me by if the surrogates court is not brought to its knees over how I'm living.  my Uncle in CA I never met is a corporate lawyer. How ironic the reckless loose cannon that raised me 1. Only ever made fun of lawyers 2. Ironically got her way when using a lawyer against me ...
December 21st 2012
I've heard some gesting on the Mayans today and it was heartbreaking that sum1 lied and sensationalized something pointed out long ago not just by the Mayans but many cultures around the world who had no communication with each other.
I made the news! Something about users pay $1 for unwanted spam brought to you by no other than Honda! I didnt get the whole thing coz this place has the sound off and I didnt get to read that fast. I'll get you f*cker$. W/o a job I've got nothing but time and energy on my hands.
Numbing away the day's stress. New worry bout being told to leave but need to read of Los Angeles to see how it was proven "moving along" would cause irreparable harm. The only thing I do is fall between the cracks - too high functioning to be believable. I also have no idea if a childish piece of trash is following me still on f*c*book causing me surmountable stress. F*c*book has a new name: f*c*book. At least I have a good handle on the greatest stressor since childhood: no sleep (like a normal person). Maybe being ignored by my guardian was even greater and I didn't see it until too late...stress stress stress stress...
 December 20th 2012
Lucas Thayer I'm still banned from posting so hopefully u see it here. There's going to be an uprising against fb jackasses - mark my words. can u refresh my memory how I insert 6 lines on a photo? Ms word or powerpoint?

Registered as an Organ Donor

 December 19th 2012
 Ok since I still cant post, ty Anna yamada from DC but I have to rethink how to go about smearing since I cant post due to someone marking me as spam. As far as long beach Palmer this used car was bought from a Honda dealership w guarantees and only serviced at Honda dealers since bought who all use the same computer system Honda certified. Charles I've never NOT owned a car but nice try. I've always had a car since 1988-9. Glenn if nothing makes sense in my article I'd have to question what u've been doing for the 12 years in the automotive industry. If spark plugs are only $20 and minimum ti put in then it only adds to the underhanded part of the deal. when the car was bought it came w the entire car facts history as well as all services done at the honda I bought it from. If u follow the maker's manual and only go to their maker-certified dealers they have to stand by that.
also something is very strange to recall a hose under the same conditions the spark plugs failed. feel free to elaborate long beach.
Ok since I still cant post I'll put it here. Not only do I temember switching from puppy food to dog food, not only do I regret not bottle feeding my darling since the north shore animal league lies about the dogs ages but I still have her baby teeth someplace! rip cookie. I'm happy you lived a long fifteen years and I'm so sorry daddy up and left quick exit.
December 18th 2012
Now all I need is justice for the beating I took from officers Daniels and Wentworth in Potsdam while hospital officials watched and I screamed bloody murder in shock and pain. No justice. No peace.
Wow I was blocked from posting on operation sandy relief. Ok let me block them and see if that solves the problem. The spirit of my dead ten year old sister had something to say to the two losers looking back at her and it wouldnt post. Hmph buh-bye!
December 17th 2012
 and also since I cant' post on fb currently I'll put it here. The Monterey Aquarium is open every day of the year except Christmas. Monterey Bay Whale Watching which takes you on a boat ride into the ocean to see marine life in their natural habitat is also year round. Which will you pay money to support?
What does it take to train a dolphin? It takes:
1. Removing a dolphin from the wild. In Taiji, this means that they also have to watch their "less attractive" family members be slaughtered. Only dolphins without scratches, scars and of a certain age and species get chosen for captivity.
2. Containing them in an artificial environment.
3. Starving them so that they will finally feed from dead fish (dolphins only eat live prey in the wild).
4. Waiting to see if they will survive the trauma of 1-3 (many die, like the pilot whale who we know died at Dolphin Base earlier in this hunt season).
5. Once they are willing to take dead fish because they are literally starving to death, they will then be forced to perform for such food.
6. Because the fish are frozen, they therefore become dehydrated. In the wild, dolphins gain hydration from the live fish that they consume. In captivity, they are force fed water by tubes.
7. Removing dolphins from their natural family groupings and forcing them to create an artificial pod. This means that sometimes they don't get along with the other dolphins that are in the same pens. The result is fighting and social isolation.
8. Many dolphins appear to grieve. They isolate themselves socially and stay in one position (a behaviour that is not natural). Others become so bored that they adopt behaviours similar to elephants in zoos, rocking left to right. In the dolphin's case they find rubbish and try to play with it or stay in one position looking out to sea.
9. Once there is total submission, due to boredom, breaking of wild spirit and starving, they have to perform. It is so sad to see a once wild dolphin perform tricks for the trainer's attention, in the hope that they will be fed. The trainers think it is because the dolphins love them. It is because they are hungry and want to impress for additional food.
10. After several months, a buyer will come. Once the financial transaction is complete, the transfer begins. This involves harnessing the dolphin, dragging it in a sling by boat to the area near the Fisherman's Co-Op (where the dolphins are butchered). They are then transferred via crane to very small containers that are then transported several hours to the nearest airport. They can then be flown all around the world, with this taking several days with transfers. The containers they are in are made of steel and are only as big as the dolphins are. In transport, they will be in this small steel box with no stimulation at all for several days. This must be the most terrifying experience of all.
11. Many sacrifice their lives at step 10. Buyers intentionally purchase additional dolphins because they know that there is a strong chance that the dolphin will die at this point.
12. They then arrive at their destination and are again put into another artificial pod and have to go through the stress of re-establsihing relationships with the other dolphins.
13. They will perform for the rest of their lives. Some will be forced to participate in breeding programs so that their offspring can also spend their lives entertaining people. Some will be put into very small aquariums. Some will be put into larger aquariums. But life will never be the same as their memories of being wild in the oceans and free with their family.
14. They will most likely die well before their natural lifetime.

This is a very long journey for a dolphin to make. A dolphin who has done no wrong to any human. Even when they saw their family members killed by the hands of humans, they remained gentle. Any person who buys a ticket, is supporting this industry and is supporting this cruelty to dolphins. If noone bought tickets, this would not be happening.

I'm currently banned from posting on fb so I'll post here that this is outstanding and I hope in 9 months when my ability to survive runs out they'll have moved on to abolishing my $72000 of credit card and student loan debt.
I tried to add this as a comment to my original post but it didnt take. I just got a call from aethena the regional rep for Nj at Honda. about the spark plugs in the manual stating over 100,000 miles she said "well that's just a recommendation but certainly not a guarantee." I calmly said "ok I'm not dealing with this aggravation. I'll deal with this another way. Thank you." Click. That's a far cry and leaves me with far more energy than the ballistic psycho these people made me into last week.
December 16th 2012
 OMG the reckless and sweet sounding guardian just called me up w her denial, pomposity, and asshole ways that will turn me into a skeleton in about 9 months. I've even called adult advocacy and protection for me and they cant/refuse to help/intervene. The woman called me up to know my mailing adress in California. As always she is NOT listening. Atleast I'm going to die during the age of social media where all I have are written records of what has transpired! She has been told every time she has brought it up that I am either returning to a situation I can survive in on the east coast or I'm not surviving. She then goes onto to say wut all other people are doing knowing those people were not comatosed for a month in their lives. She then goes onto say wut she did when she was 16 reminded again it wasnt getting thru the American school system w an undiagnosed injury. I've never acted thru on the thought of killing my parent yet this is my prison sentence. Go figure.
December 15th 2012
Any ideas on how to get an important message out to all occupies without being considered spam? From mobile I was posting about using hemp to solve the plastics toxicity problem and it wont let me post saying I've been reported as spam.
Patience! Standing in line before ready to go about my day and hear the old guy in front of me who joined his two friends already there "that girl sitting in the front...what just sits there all day? the cops...what's wrong with her?" held my tongue as I so badly wanted to say "uh I was comatosed for a month as a child and left to be a child left behind in catholic school and a mother emotionally unavailable so here I am in this strange land after executing my bucket list because I wont survive past the next 9 or so months due to people like you who instead of intervening when witnessing craziness simply retreated into ur gossip circle or wutever, w all due respect my elder." Before leaving I looked him right in the eye as I walked past and he looked back. Good! U should be able to do so when ur guilty.
December 13th 2012 
You can also help out any Honda owners to know about the bogus 2013 recall. It's not necessarily a hose problem but a spark plug redesign problem. Maybe this will repost to the OSR page. it could have been removed by the same person who tried to correct me that fema is not a problem.
Brian here - I need to get ahold of someone who works for Ford Motors or a Ford dealer, a junkyard, transmission shop, or auto parts place that sells transmissions. I have a family that needs some help...and I fully intend on helping them so everyone please share this...its Christmas and WE ALL need to share this. Anyone who works at any of these places or knows of someone please contact me via private message on the Operation Sandy page or contact me personally on Facebook, Brian Borchik, and I will tell you what I am looking for help with. This is YOUR chance to help us help a family in need.
typo fixed version: CORPORATE AMERICA: I bought a used 2004 Honda w 32,000 miles on it and an owner's manual that shows the schedule for changing spark plugs at over 100,000 miles. After driving the car extended periods at the 2000 miles mark the check engine light starts flashing which means DONT DRIVE THE CAR but being that I was 70 miles from the nearest Honda in the middle of no place in Utah there wasn't much I could do. The light turned solid on my way to the dealer which is better news. after doing a diagnostic the dealer tells me I need new spark plugs and goes on to explain to me the flaw in my model that was changed a year or two later because during extended travel to save on gas some of the cylinders stay closed and oil got onto the spark plugs of the cylinders that stay closed. I decided to visit Honda corporate in Torrance CA when I was reaching my destination with my foul spark plugs in hand as well as the Utah receipt that states they see this on a regular basis from Hondas on extended travel. Honda corporate admitted to me they redesigned the spark plugs but passed their dirty work off to Marion in customer service to tell me that, no matter what, because of the age it has passed they're not covering it. they've been informed my engine fan is coming on more often since the spark plug change. Honda recently covered up this flaw by doing a recall on all 2004-2007 V6 models citing hose could get too hot and leak and cause a fire under extended travel. I just left a Voicemail w one of the managers I met w not to pass his dirty work off to Marion, gave my mother's address and phone # who paid for it, and said I'm in the process of smearing Honda's reputation all over Facebook. PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH ALL POSSIBLE. oh and the dealer I bought the Honda from had the balls to tell my mother I got ripped off in Utah (not knowing the price on the receipt included an oil change) but no clear comment on how spark plugs dont need to be changed before 100,000 miles. Marion has made it clear that if I get damaged spark plugs again at the 2000 mile mark on my way back, Honda's not covering it.
December 12th 2012 
today's other options didn't work out. One place had crappy parking with a bathroom that reminded me of something out of Friday the 13th. One place doesn't have a bathroom because it's behind locked gates at a certain time. Another place would charge me almost $30 to park overnight. If I park my car away and walk it's a cheaper option - not going to happen. You know I wonder if I get a sex change and pretend I'm gay if that will work. That way I'm still my natural heterosexual self (meaning I'm not homosexual) and life is that much easier for me to do a lot more because I pee standing up - otherwise I get arrested for indecent exposure. Sounds like a plan! *sigh*
I am better off dead than changing my environment like this. Got my subtle boot from where I've been staying so I'm back where the Hailey and cayley girl was crying in the bathroom over family. At least I have 2 new contacts out of it who I've seen there every night so just went up and talked to them. I'm not going to be able to handle that lack of consistency in one spot but they gave me some options I can look into tomorrow.

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