Thursday, April 24, 2014

April 24th 2014
So this morning I got up and they’re still here. I have excruciating pain in my back from how I was sitting the first couple days doing this blog. Sometimes you forget that you can’t be doing things like you used to as the aging process takes over. Some of us learn from our mistakes. As I was putting milk in my coffee I dropped the milk on the table. I yell “shit!” Mom who had gone back with Christine to help her yells “what happened?” I say “the milk spilt.” I struggle to clean it up which is really hard to do in my condition. As mom comes back into the kitchen I tell her she needs to clean her jacket now. She goes on about “oh my jacket?...that means I have to take it to the cleaners…” the word idiot came out of her mouth and shit hit the fan. I said “that’s why you take a child (mom cut me off with her childish noises she’s making these days) when they’re a child to get their leg fixed so they don’t have back problems as an adult.” This woman still believes the fact, even though she’s been told by another professional otherwise, that the rehabilitation specialist said Christine is fine and nothing is wrong when he said to her “You’re doing well.” This last phrase means Christine is a candidate for further treatment. If she wasn’t doing well there would be nothing more they could do. I yelled to Christine she’s never going to get to the get better plan. Christine just yelled for me to shut up because she wanted the yelling to end. When mom went downstairs I went to Christine and yet again explained to her that unless she speaks up for me to be her medical guardian she’s never going to get to the get-better plan. I cited the name of her (somewhat foot doctor?) who fits her for a brace and she couldn’t remember who that was but eventually said she remembers who it is. I reminded her she doesn’t remember going to court with us once or the doctor who evaluated and drew up a get-better plan for her. I told her all these things she doesn’t remember someone needs to look out for and mom and claire are not doing it. Christine can’t put this all together. Mom just keeps going on and on stressing us out. She said “we’re used to peace and quiet here” insinuating I should get out. I said “oh it’s quieter but it sure as hell isn’t more peaceful. I know how you go on.” Claire’s calling … mom just said when she had her surgery. Why is Claire asking this? Is Claire going to the doctor’s appt with mom and Christine? Is the court-appointed attorney? Now she’s recalling how long she was in the rehab. Why? Claire’s never been involved in our medical lives. Oh never mind. Claire didn’t know about today’s appt. Mom’s asking Claire about work. The hypocrite had a much more appropriate life for her udiagnosed injury meanwhile I’ve been sent out to swim up shit’s river without a paddle. My buddy with similar injury and age as me has the same yelling reactions like I do but he’s not being discriminated against by a court of law and family like me. His mother was a special needs teacher and never uses his injury against him.His father expects way too much out of him but atleast he has two parents. No worries. I’ll be drinking myself back to sleep oh say in another 9 hrs?

April 23nd 2014
Here we go with Claire again. My life went no place including the acting I was going to do because Claire made out how evil was lurking in theatrics because someone she knew declined a role after being told they had to sleep with Jodi Foster who was bisexual at the time.

April 22nd 2014 

so tonight I wound up doing a lot of dinner because mom doesn't have a lot of energy these days. As I tried to hurry things up I prepared christine's dish asking mom how much gravy. As usual she wanted to take over because she "can't explain it." ANOTHER LONG-EXISTING CIRCUMSTANCE THAT UNPREPARED ME FOR LIFE. come to think of it Stephanie taught me how to tie my shoes and Christine and stephanie taught me how to ride a bike. Maybe mom never was a teacher to begin with and goes to show I never got life needs left in this house after everyone was gone. OK FINE WHAT CAN I DO NOW MORRIS COUNTY SURROGATE COURT MORONS? ???? go ahead let me die. I'm not going thru this unnecessary isolation anymore. I was supposed to be protected. Nice job! I'm not the boy who cried wolf either. Give it time.

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