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March 22nd 2014 Flashback as I watch documentary on Whitney Houston: on the day in June 2009 when Michael Jackson died mom called me to share a part of her dying as she lets go of memories dying that day, of her youngest child always wondering if it was MJ in a limo passing our car or that the loudest scream heard on news coverage at Giants Stadium MJ concert was her youngest way up in tier seats or what anybody driving by our house in quiet white suburbia would make of all the posters of a black man hanging on the ceiling were. Add onto that always talking about people in my life but never in Claire's life and ALL the other apron strings leading to her youngest child but then turns around and spills shit lies out of her mouth to Judge Deanne Wilson that does the ultimate fuck to my life. As a matter of fact I was reading through hours long of case law when she called me on that june day of 2009 and I stepped out of the quiet area to the library hall to take the call. I receive info from some irish pages and recently came across a posting on there of what mom does:" just say this or just say that and if you don't know don't answer or just play stupid. I'll be sure to post the attitude when I come across it again so all can know what Judge Deanne Wilson let slide.

March 21st 2014 Justice for some and not for others

May I now get the help needed for a (high functioning but developmentally disabled) vs (honor roll, undeprived-of-sports, TWO parents) very important, down-to-the-wire situation? !?!?!???

NJ teen Rachel Canning agrees to dismiss lawsuit against her parents

yet another day of just sitting here. this situation will be resolved once and for all Or i will be dead. no more grabbing at straws to survive life just becoz an 80s cancer trend killed a man leaving the developmentally disabled children to be raised by an overwhelmed uneducated loose cannon who never dated again....myriad of issues. Obviously grabbing at straws did not work.

Brain injury awareness.

March 20th 2014

Yeah and some of us legals would bring the same greatness but instead are waiting to die. Employing the legal great minded disabled in NYS is just not worth it. PULEASE! See More

Rangel Says NY State Senate “Crushing The Dreams” of Illegal Immigrants By Not Paying For Them...

Brain injury symptoms: So ive been researching the impact of fluorescent lighting on the brain and a common theme is the negative affects. This can produce headaches. Someone with TBI doesn't need help with headaches daylight is so much better for you then fluorescent light. It also can cause an eye strain which sometimes can end up giving you a headache. If your having a big issue it may be Photosensitivity Following Traumatic Brain Injury which is a sensitivity to light.

Brain injury symptoms: How to explain neuroendocrine damage after brain injury?

We have all heard of hormones. The term is used lightly while describing someone’s emotions and actions. “It must be a hormonal thing” or “obviously they didn’t take their hormones”. Or we could relate them to “steroids”. Athletes are known to take them as “performance enhancement drugs” and if they get caught they have to deal with the consequences as they are illegal and not allowed in almost any competitive sports activity. The endocrine system in our body is what is responsible for the delivery of hormones. Hormones are actually chemical substances that are secreted by cells into the extracellular fluids that regulate the metabolic function of other cells in the body. Most of them are classified as either amino acids or steroids.

There are many endocrine organs and they are scattered around the body. The neuroendocrine organ is the hypothalamus and the pituitary axis. Rarely is someone considering neuroendocrine damage after brain injury. Neuroendocrine complications are hard to detect even when they are looked for. If not detected they may have a great impact on rehabilitation and the outcome of a traumatic brain injured individual.

It has been found that when the pituitary system incurs damage in people who have suffered brain injury, whether it be severe or even subtle brain injury, growth hormone deficiency can occur. There are many post-traumatic symptoms that can be blamed on neuroendocrine damage after brain injury. Some of these symptoms can be;

Short term or long term memory issues, Fatigue or sleeplessness, Distractibility or Issues with Concentration, and Anxiety or Depression Issues

These impairments may also be blamed on frontal lobe deficits but it is quite possible that they are caused by neuroendocrine damage after brain injury from organs such as the hypothalamus or the pituitary axis. Even if traumatic brain injury isn’t the diagnosis, people who are suffering from these symptoms may very well have had a closed head injury and suffered from damage to the neuroendocrine system. An Endocrinologist is the specialist that should be consulted. 

 As with any TBI, it may take some time to assess all the damage from neuroendocrine damage after brain injury. Once diagnosed and treated it will make rehabilitation less complicated and time consuming.

 Brain injury symptoms: Music and Dancing With Recovery After 3 tumors, Ataxia I have Cerebellar Ataxia and Sensory Ataxia senses are senses that perceive the body's own position, motion, known as proprioceptive senses. External senses include the traditional five: sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste and vision impaired first step to recovery ( Believe in yourself ) and Challenge yourself, you will get there, and do the dance walk of life TBI

Brain injury symptoms: Does any other Brain Injury Survivor deal with this also, or is it just me?
I can't brush my teeth with my eyes open. I have to lean against the wall or sit down for balance.
I find that opening my eyes, distracts my movements, as well as throws me off balance. If I look in the mirror and see my movements, the actions I see and my actions don't register in my brain yet at the same speed, which messes with me big time.
By closing my eyes, and relaxing, I'm able to concentrate on proper brushing, and doing a good job.

I'm still just trying to learn, honest! I don't know if it's just me, lol.

March 18th 2014
"May I now get the help needed for a (high functioning but developmentally disabled) vs (honor roll, undeprived-of-sports, TWO parents) very important, down-to-the-wire situation? !?!?!???"

NJ teen Rachel Canning agrees to dismiss lawsuit against her parents

 March 17th 2014 I told mom as she was leaving today to go have her irish fun while her children die under her nose . an argument arose from ??? I was on the phone with collections over a utility bill... I think she started saying about going to get a job and my response is one dead serious "I'll get a job when you go to the surrogates and do your job for the child you didn't take care of."

stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid. Someone help us!

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