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October 6th 2012
My Honda has a tune up 4spark plugs @105,000miles. I'm driving down the highway&the check engine light comes on@56,910miles approx. (no typo). I get it to the nearest Honda dealer who finds a foul spark plug. just b4the work is done he explains to me that Honda has changed the maintenance schedule the year after mine. What happens is that to save gas while on cruise control one or more cylinders(s) will close&so plugs get dirty more easily from gas or whatever. Now that the plugs r changed the fan is coming on more often. I was going to be on the road tomorrow but think I should have this looked at first. Do I take this up w the Honda who sold me the car&never told me, Honda corporate who never told me bout the maintenance change, or syracuse Honda who readied my car 4 this trip &never told me?
there's a question at end. I'm seeking ur answers
please read & reply \comment
I guess that means I'm here til Monday? the fan coming on a lot doesnt mean there's anything to reset. I just dont want to drive a car far if there's a possible overheating issue which fan on alot prob means that

2004 Honda accord coupe bought in January 2011 w only 31,000 miles on it. new plugs were put on as a result of check engine light. scared me as to y engine fan now keeps coming on
I'm still here instead of leaving early
morning. dont want to take chance even though Honda might tell me nothing can do unless some dashboard light is on.
thanks Chris &I was 1/2 asleep this morn when it must have been 4am ur time so I hope u dont get woken up w incoming fb msgs. I might chance a couple hours driving today.
lol I thought I created a new enemy lol!
"Never an enemy of yours, solidarity means something to me, wish it did for all in this movement"
October 2nd 2012
Imagine waking up to this view everyday. Today I came across a woman w an Irish name &long reddish hair yet she looked Italian & spoke like she's from NYC minus a heavy accent. When I was innocent &17 I got burned beyond recognition by one of these actresses. Not saying she's one - ITS just a pattern I've always come to make note of. Lesson learned in reverse is u dont ignore a child's medical life and do shit thinking they can handle as an adult. Irreversible damage done and perception altered in knowing how to handle situations.
I don't need peace. I need a job or I won't survive. My debt is $70,000: about $52,000 in federal student loans and the rest credit cards I'm living off of. I was never ever supposed to wind up idling like I did. Thanks anyway. Maybe the desert will swallow my fate . This shot is overlooking Salt Lake City. These people wake up to this everyday.
October 1st 2012
Doing some more family research and the Mormon bldgs r so elegant it makes u wonder. Merrill lynch is attached. The guy that helped me thought I'd already left when he started talking about me. The only thing that hurt was being referred to as a heavy set woman. My mother doesnt care to know the damage she did as a child in having my metabolism slowed down after 8 months in a hospital never able to accept the image looking back. C.s. And some others may see that as a pity party unable to see the emotional damage &no-fault insurance for children, &catholic school,&isolation...if only some knew the outstanding magnitude of damage done. I knew that truck driver from Ripley NY was 1/2 full last nite telling me I look good &shouldn't have a prob getting a man. He even said he wants a girl but this fat arthritic woman is continuing childless unless a soulmate guaranteed to care for us both. Not likely at this point. I have zilch to save my a$$
September 30th 2012
Still trying to figure this damn phone but Michael Burke this is one of the videos. Check my profile for the other on my timeline.

I thought nothing of this store sign until I went inside & all the signs had English translation smaller underneath. salt lake city has a huge Mexican population unexpectedly. In almost every business I been in can hear bilingual English-Spanish conversations. When I studied w 2mormons yrs ago they taught me their belief that black people are wut they are becoz of their sin pointing out a Bible reference. Obvious2me Joseph Smith was a prophet of his own time period in America (1800's? - dont quite remember).
September 28th 2012
Driving thru these makes the Adirondacks baby mtns. The government's underground operation several football fields long lined w computers that record every phone call in the country is located from the west to midwest but there's so much of a vast basin of land to do so in the west. they must have sumthing else planned. Same helicopter sound flying over as CAsper WY. Wut's all that white stuff around bodies of water that looks like morning dew but it has warmed up so cant be.
September 27th 2012
Good horse owners! just like the family dog on a long trip needs exercise so do horses here in cheyenne Wy. Far cry from the pig factory located beside 90 in Worthington MN.
not sure if I can include multiple photos for 1post fr Fone so picked most intriguing fr wildlife drive thru. Cant sleep since I mentioned Potsdam. Been awake since 3am. Anyway this is a bear that parked herself by the bus passenger tire until she felt like moving which she has every right to do. These darlings are way more pent up than I thought. When mama bear started coming my way though I hauled ass. She doesnt know I was just totally spoofed by the PAC of wolves (coyotes?) that had just encircled my car. Actually they were just doing their daily ritual of dipping in the pool of water to the left of me one by one and then running about their day to the bears acr road to right of me. I just happened to be in the way. From here started to drive near Culver's circle but turned back to cont road trip. I have to remember this is my bucket list not joy ride w the last of wut I have and then no more me unless surrog court miracles happen or I'm employed at a price I can afford. Road to Culver's circle is lot like Adirondacks only more hilly and massive.

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