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December 10th 2012

Just witnessed a whale from on land. Saw water going up from the blow hole and its tail going straight down just like in the pics. Then my own conscience ruined the moment by realizing it probably just came around for a meal. This time everyday I'd see a school of dolphins swim the opposite way. Yesterday saw a sea otter cruising full speed down the bay on its back chomping on something big it held in its flippers but dont know if whales eat otters. Four days ago watched a harbor seal in its last hours of life picking its head and tail up for a wave but too exhausted to hop its way further up on the beach. It's body was still slumped on the rocks yesterday. The tide is in but I think it's still too onshore for the whale to get to. Will find out later if it's still there.
If I have to leave I'll leave tomorrow morning. Just let me get a full nights sleep officer.
I don't know why ur parked horizo.tally behind me in vertical spots.
there's a truck next to me for the night as well. let me be for the night. whew! I think he's gone.
making last famous words incase I get assaulted by another police officer.
I can hear a poor lonely dog barking inside the truck of a guy that's here every nite while its owner works on a laptop inside. pup ran to me one nite to say hello.
November 23rd 2012
Waiting on a girl I just met in the bathroom who was crying over family problems. She said she'd come right out to give me the name of a church helping her out. Dont know if she's actually going to show. She has twin girls Hayley and cayley. Not here yet and I have to go to sleep soon. She said I'm not in a good pkg lot but I said I've been here before and if it's my time to go then that's that. Her boyfriend works at kwikstop a couple doors over. Being from NY/Nj I'm innately more suspicious.
I do this sometimes so if anything happens my famous last words were w someone. Atleast I know the place i'm staying has a reputation of being snooty which makes total sense considering the unwavering stares i've gotten from people. Wutever I grew up around that stuff. Sumday they'll get it snooty isnt worth it. I didnt have any witnesses when I was deceived by police and then assaulted. famous last words before this were messages to gov Christie reguarding the judge he wouldnt allow to retire after getting me in this predicament instead of saving the life of the child of a lying Irish immigrant.
November 21st 2012  
Ok so they're going to start out by zip code according to the worst hit areas during the recession. If some areas were never ahead, how can they be seen as the worst hit? They did test run that worked. $500 forgave $14,000 of debt. I would like to know those specifics of what kind of debt that was, etc.
I do this sometimes so if anything happens my famous last words were w someone. Atleast I know the place i'm staying has a reputation of being snooty which makes total sense considering the unwavering stares i've gotten from people. Wutever I grew up around that stuff. Sumday they'll get it snooty isnt worth it. I didnt have any witnesses when I was deceived by police and then assaulted. famous last words before this were messages to gov Christie reguarding the judge he wouldnt allow to retire after getting me in this predicament instead of saving the life of the child of a lying Irish immigrant.
November 20th 2012 
 Ok pgs 19&20 apply to me in the debt resistors manual. I would have 9 months to see if this works for me - 3mos to default and 6 mos to be hounded. By then it would be August that if I decide I have something to return to on the east coast tornado season will be near over. I've had a time before where I had to wait 5 yrs for too many inquiries were on my report - from those inquiries I learned I didnt qualify bcoz I didnt have enough revolving credit. Now I have too much debt. Manual doesnt talk about liens from cc debt or car repossession. I can live w lien on house but handicapped status cant survive w/o car. Still mulling this over. Atleast w/o paying this mo I can pay both insurances. Need to catch up on behind utility bills next mo. Still looking into this. Btw I got my manual free yesterday bcoz w all my pgs was asked if it's for school or work &said "well it's for life...the occupy wall street and strike debt?" She waved me on so I got to keep my$5.60
November 17th 2012  
Does anyone know how to navigate Their website directed me to file w consumer finance protection bureau. I did that and they cant help my situation. I've emailed even though they state they cannot help individuals get rid of debt. Please help before the red tape suffocates me before my 2 months left of survival are up.
help individuals gey rid
November 15th 2012

November 14th 2012
Adolph Hitler discovered and reported this to all the other human experimenter nations at the time. Alcoa and other big companies perpetuated the lie so as to not defame their reputation.

Pineal Gland -- Our Third Eye: The Biggest Cover-Up in Human History
Pineal Gland -- Our Third Eye: The Biggest Cover-Up in Human History

November 13th 2012
This will sound bizarre but rumors about me being racist didnt work and neither will bathroom rumors. Just got "checked up on by a manager in the bathroom and then followed outside w their phone in hand as I left. I sense wut something very evil in Potsdam is and I'm looking back at you!

November 11th 2012
As I check funds I'll be around for 12/21/12 but not much longer after. Maybe the journalist I've been in touch w will be able to help. I wish was easier to navigate. Have contacted them one way. Tomorrow's another day to contact a diff way.
November 6th 2012

The incompetent Irish immigrant just hung up on me refusing to call the Surrogate's Court and find wut she did wrong w my welfare. She only ever starting hanging up on me after her brain washed Way International child told her to regarding this guardianship. The rope is getting tighter. This loose cannon who deceived all in Nj would never have gotten away w this child abuse in nyc. I understand that NYC way of life that would have been on top of her game. I did 1/2 of kindergarten illegally in NYC and the price paid was me being wailed into a tractor trailer truck carrying gravel. Normally I'd be on a rampage but I have no way left to survive as I can see now. Wont someone intervene? I was an above average student before accident but butler schools refused me admission until I was 5 so my mother drove me to NYC everyday for kindergarten until I turned 5 having me recite address of my aunt in queens. I dont know wut's holding me down right now.

November 4th 2012
Ah when the human surfers are gone that's when the school of about 4 or 5 fin-backed creatures come around and start riding the waves. I've heard of a dolphin in wild rite next to surfer. These docile creatures r yet another reminder to protest & cease all underwater testing by the govt.couldn't get pic w phone. Yesterday a guy who makes a living in a band said he saw them. Now I know wut he saw.
beach-satisfied4the day. was watching a lone human surfer til I saw "jaws"swimming horizontally in a wave toward his direction. Inundated w "ok but I need to be working which comes much more naturally than beaching."
November 3rd 2012
for the record I'm not sure wut to say to these people that pop up the longer I stay places. was at the library the other day& saw a guy 4 2nd time who after watched what I was doing on puter asked me about it. Then tonight guy in same car in morning asked me if I want to sell my hubcaps! I'm about to change my pkg space! Stop bothering me! I'm on my bucket list for God sake! It's true God works in people & maybe these people arent bad ... Wutever I just want to b left alone and not have my perception confused.
running out of funds quicker than expected. I'm lucky if I last 2 (two) months.

 November 2nd 2012
Yesterday around this time I saw a school of something just beyond where the waves crest. It could have been seals. My untrained eye cant tell if it was dolphins but it stayed low to the water barely coming out the water revealing the back(s) of something. I'm stalling in California until I have 1of2messes cleared up. I'm 2 hrs from Rte 80 so I get the guarantee I have a way to survive, I'll be home in about a week. Otherwise found a spot to perish along the way.

 November 1st 2012
I will post more on this another time but I want to pay tribute to a woman a victim of chauvanistic and medical experimentation of her time - Rosemary Kennedy. Reading how a botched lobotomy became rejected by the mental health field explains the stupidity of the mhf opposed to injured brains. There is no fucking mystery of mh. There is injured brains due to our air, land, water, & technology.
October 31st 2012
Sounds like me to all the adults around me growing up. My meltdown has arrived. There's a little bit of time left to save me. 

October 30th 2012
this is exactly what I mean about the medical money making merry-go-round. How long has Parkinson's Disease been in existence? When did the spirit of Acid Reflux descend upon the earth? I'm sure we have a Parkinson's Disease Foundation right? Man has created this problem on himself by living unnaturally and then boasts job creation within a foundation created only by the destruction itself. Nice job!
Monsanto’s Roundup, Glyphosate Linked to Parkinson’s Disease
October 28th 2012
In contrast to frankenstorm not a cloud in the sky here. Now I totally get it why u swim sideways in a rip current - that's how surfers stay standing on their boards. Didnt feel or hear a thing as far as earthquake.
October 27th 2012
and the same to be said for a lot of these other agencies set up to supposedly help rather than hinder the disabled.
October 26th 2012
That was awesome! Occupiers were the drill seargants and the police were the humiliated ones! U rock occupy Oakland! Now I just need to unplug this phone soon & get back to u.
well the bucket list is complete since I'm here. I left some key people voice mails to know if there's a reason to come back - a paying job enough to cover $1300 in bills per month. Even in califonia I'm
damn library laptop! Even in California I'm not getting a call back for jobs. I don't know if you saw my post about Potsdam but yes Carl Lowenstein even when he would apply for jobs out of the area someone in Potsdam ruined his reputation where ever he went. Maybe that's the case with me. I'm trying to find the clip of me speaking at Occupy Oakland but no luck yet. There's a 5 hour upload to youtube but the recorder walked away from the event just for the timeframe that people were speaking after GA which is when I did.
October 25th 2012
I spoke to Scott Olsen before speaking out. Maybe it's on YouTube already.
They have ropes to lasso us up like animals?
What r the ropes for? Lassoed up like animals?
There they go. maybe they just trying to look sexy one protestor has a gas mask on w good reason.
Steven I'm sitting w a medical walker near where they're chalking (this is when I was confusing Steven Lewis with Ray Lewis and was looking for an old guy among the protestors lol).
I'm about to walk over to occupy Oakland. If possible I will write & read a prepared statement.
shit load of cops going my way!
October 24th 2012
Unless Steven Lewis is flying here I guess he's not coming. I'm an hour away from Oakland &should be getting there by 9am to scope out parking, etc. tomorrow's my real birthday so I thought I'd do something other than wait for a work call. There's many of these signs along Rte 5 from castaic to here. Google image map Rt 5 just north of 199 separation and u might see mining alongside fruit&vegetable trees. Ugh!
October 23rd 2012
 If only people grasped the breadth & depth of the inappropriateness that raised me. Out of the depths of the nook-and-cranny guidance comes "y not live on welfare. Lots of people do." However if brought up at the wrong time the answer will be "I never said that." Whichever way the trend is going. Lots of immigrants slither their way into fitting in but in this case it will cost a life in the end. Tic toc
In addition to the ironies posted on my timeline I took 2 people's suggestion that while stranded here I should try to get some work. Sent my resume to a national company I work for now and again in ny. never heard back like she said I would so I called again today leaving a voice mail. Nothing even yet. This happened to Carl Lowenstein who is originally from Palo Alto California, worked for 99hits in Potsdam quitting 99hits over ethnic slurs and left to live a life of eating some days until someone's underwear got totally hung out in public. Last time I saw Carl he had an appt at the dptmt of labor in massena which must have been 10 years ago. The things people dont know that go on in places where a whole lot of attention is not given so laws not enforced,etc!
An old man turned98. He won the lottery...the irony...8.5 hrs before a car claimed 3 lives in Syracuse I had a careless hit&run California driver ram into the back of me but was completely visible enough to read off the license plate to 911. I initially didnt say anything bcoz this is an insurance &criminal investigation. Then I was shocked awake the next morning by the news of Keisha. Ironic I'm in bucket mode &still here. Ironic my hit happened under completely avoidable circumstances. Ironic the other side is probably unconcerned bcoz hit&runs r at the bottom of the da's priorities. Ironic bcoz I'm a visiting NY driver so it really goes to the bottom of the list - haha THEY underestimate my drive - pardon pun...and the list goes on. You know that witch in a broom factory geico commercial? Ironic. If I had a protector or defender I might not have my hands tied to do anything. Ironic I drove clear across the country - wut so many were so worried about - yet I eas fine until 4days into California drivers. Being from Nj I've lived w the"cant drive" stigma but after being in California I'd have to say it's not a NJ thing. I'm sure SPC wouldn't mind replacing my bumper stickers to carry on the mrssage but there's no way to get them to me that I know of.
My deductible $500. The remaining $1,700 bill went to insurance bcoz not only did I lose the bumper but the frame,etc had to be fixed.
You fixed cars or were an insurance salt salesman?  
Ah. I also have a pic of the driver-side rear panel sticking out from when she wailed into me. I had a dream about Keisha this morn that her&i were hanging out talking bout everyday stuff when a big rat scurried cross the floor btwn us. The rat prob represents recent accusations
Damn fone...that were never true to begin with.
October 19th 2012
Peter S. Kahrmann I need witnesses to this. Mrs. geruso at the social Security ofc is well aware that not only cant I pay back the money they're coming after me for but that I'm executing my bucket list because even if they do give me back $236/month they're w holding I wont survive w/o a job for the$1300 in bills I have a month. The case was given to Mrs Tanney who left me a msg on the wrong phone # that I agreed to pay back at$236/month. This is how innocent people like me are going to die.
the drug addict that raised me is unchanging even now. still doesnt comment or admit she doesnt know wut to do. completely in denial about any direction in life she ever gave me.
it's hard to describe how my mother exists. kind of like that song "we are young". one time sum1 was brutally honest w me in saying how I come across:as if on drugs. that explains wut I've inherited when overwhelmed. she now doesnt matter. it's too drug-laden.
it does matter but these days I'm too comfortably numb to get it all out. it's real easy to die in the desert. I just
need to figure out which desert. I should write a blog. this doesn't belong here.
October 17th 2012
Well they're definitely drilling in castaic Calif. This rusty drill eas not operating@1pm p.s.t. today but the 3 drills I posted last nite r right across the road, lake castaic w resevoir is nearby and the Angeles national forest is in the background.
hahaha I just lost an entire post to you! I started snooping around when a post by Bram Fractivista Loeb reminded me about fracking in California. The article alluded to how Californians don't know when or where fracking is happening. Well I'm able to expose at least one potential spot but I'm still scrounging for the shale map. It's near here but not sure if this is included. I still can't understand why there is a jail sign next to the Gas Company Gate 2 sign and why a jail is built around an oil extraction area. Which came first - the chicken or the egg? *shrug* Their drilling but not sure if they're hydrofracking. Just south of here on the side of Rte 5 is a big yellow pipe going into the ground in 2 spots
October 16th 2012
And wut r these for? And camper trailers why? Drive up the mtns &it's the Angeles national forest high above the dammed lake below.
I dont understand why these 2signs r side by side. Just down the road where the mtns begin there's a big inviting sign saying California paintball park" which is the same inviting sign near the hwy for all to see. However the same jail sign is by the gated entrance. It had open gates but I hauled ass on my 2nd attempt to enter seeing that a white SUV put its backup lights on. In the other direction is a security booth w gates &the jail sign. A woman exiting was very confused y I was there I felt prompted to tell her I was just turning around.
October 13th 2012
Behind the scenes bridging heaven & earth. All shows free on YouTube or vimeo. Could be uploading a video but need to get to get that figured out still.
Thnx for the well wishes. Stuff back together? Prob not :-s
Allan luck would have it 2day is the worst day!!!! My old alarm phone fell out in my car overnight. I have my stuff strewn all over Denny's pkg lot. I can hear it but cant get to it. This phone is dying.Come help if u can!!! This sucks!
was answg u b4 and inet connection broke. see wut I mean!? I've waited months to go to this show taping of Bridging Heaven and Earth. now I'm a stink pot! how am I going to get there by 12 pm?? I just want to sob and bitch and moan and ...
my phone will melt in car if I don't find it in time. I will lose more teeth if I dont find or buy my mouthguard which fell out looking for phone bcoz I grind my teeth at night. just a mess
Thanks for your support Chris! It really takes some pressure off. Phone was found. I just had to waste $35 for a new (non-medical guard) until I tear my car apart again and search for the needle in a haystack. Hope all is well with you. Got message about forwarding to Occupy SD but it must have been done by now by one of the fellow SD Occupiers.
October 12th 2012
2nd time not so bad. Sat on this end seat for45mins feeling the slight sway but nature will break wut doesnt bend. Realized on ride back y there's so many old beetle bugs on the road. Learned from a woman who is also losing her life to NYS govt that this climate doesnt use road salt so vehicles dont rust and go bad like they do back east
And I got my first positive input about "let us farmers grow hemp" bumper sticker by a guy who just wanted to tell me I'm right.
Yep people fish there but only in certain spots. 1/2 way walking back saw a scuba diver come up and walk to shore.
It was scary walking down this pier but being that I dedicate myself thru w all things I set out on I got myself thru it w "dont look down." Every time my foot would hesitate by either a small opening in the boards or a loose board I flipped thru chances are scenarios. If by chance the pier did give way w me on it I'm a goner 4sure. There's no way my body can handle the shock of the water temperature. Same reason I want a shirt 4everyday wear that says "if u want me dead just taser me." My body can't handle the shock. Next time I know to just spit on the God damn cop to go to jail instead of poisoned by the medical community. I'm guessing their mission is accomplished when I'm dead. No1will hire me now &according to some that shit follows u only compounded by inadequate legal representation.
October 11th 2012
At least my hasslers havent carried thru so far. 1st pic yesterday from pkg lot guy approached&told me pkg not free but said he'd give Me a few; pulled over to look@map when noticed police electric car behind me, pulled beside me telling me she giving me ticket. I protested & she crumpled receipt telling me had to leave (hope it doesnt wind up in my mailbox in NY); then this morn approached by McDonalds security but allowed me to finish charging phone. Simply irritating wo a travel center. Hope I see dolphins. Prob not this close to shore.Sumthing will work out I guess...wish that were the case w debt/job.
October 10th 2012
Phone problems
things r not going smoothly here. Allan I just might ask u 2help me a tad. Staying@travel centers is way better than this deal. Took advantage of the free15min stay on this pier. so about that underwear hanging here's at least the start: in high school my sis's nickname was rocco. The woman who burned me as a teen went by either Jean Rocco or jay lori &lived in same town we crashed. B4 she burned me told me she had ties2the mafia.seeing my prudish reaction made it out to be absolutely nothing. Her supposed granddaughter named magna ricotta went2my hs for awhile while I was there& seems apparent to me2c if it was worthwhile that when I turned 18 filing a claim as an injured infant neglected leaving me running on a treadmill 4life rather than proper care&knowledge of my injury. If I'm going on 2much that is the precise reason doctors have put in writing I need to work 2keep the mind immigrant mother has cited how "Italian mamas" make it in life. I'm not sure if they approached her or she did them after my oldest sister was given a court order she wasnt allowed back. Nothing done mother doesnt remember grabbing me by the hair &shaking me under stress. No bruises or seeable damage was done so nothing ever done. During these same important years my request to learn a musical instrument or take tap dance lessons went ignored until my father died. In other words my welfare was used as a weapon to get back at him4moving her poor uneducated self out to the rich suburbs...
Bucket list complete. Now it's a matter of short time to see what will happen to me.1of3things needs to happen. 1. Successful overthrow of wut NYS has done to me beginning w Pam dority and Stephen novatchich of the Malone Vesid (now access vr) office 2. Successful overthrow of the Morris county NJ surrogates court under judge Deann Wilson who has requested to retire after dealing w my case (more to come on that point which will be hanging out a lot of underwear). 3. The acceptance of dmt release from the pineal gland of my brain which will give me an out of body experience and most likely a good experience being greeted by loved ones that have died.
October 9th 2012 
Price of gas in Barstow California. IsNT this where Erin brockovitch hung Goliath by his balls? I'm good@that but no1will hire me in nys. Maybe 1statement is synonymous w the other. I'm almost 2the end of my bucket list. I'm bout to lose my NYC sirius xm radio trial & this morn on wltw heard bout work from home. Can only do that if ensured no scam&help setting up. The state knows this.
I'm not sure about Barstow now but on the coast prices currently range from $3.57 for regular to $3.70/gallon for regular. When I was 19 and starting college I remember the price for super in Nj at Mobil was $1.19/gal for regular. Once you got into Upstate NY the price per gallon super was never under $2.65? I dont know how that lopsidedness is figured out outside of secret communism but for the few full service stations in NYS you have to pay more for gas if someone else pumps it. We're spoiled in Nj but by the same token my life wasn't supposed to spiral downward the way it did. I may have learned a lot about life outside of what I'm familiar but the price paid is more like deadly. 

October 8th 2012 
Well that was scary. If I never see the grand canyon I wont miss it. If speed limit was only 35 would have been better instead of trucks and traffic barreling behind u w huge intimidating boulders held back from the hilly road. some have caves which reminded of the madoc tribe that used to live among the lava beds in n'n California until my shameful ancestors. Then it's desert w cactii which reminded me of a group of women I heard of that would live in structures in desert to escape their abusive police officer husbands coz 1ce they gave their Ss# away, abusive husbands could easily find them.
Think this is the grand canyon in or behind those mtns. Dont know if I'll head over there. Will have no service traveling thru. If dont hear from me being in or after the dead zone, will make a great CSI episode. Boo!  
October 7th 2012  
I spoke to 1 person in Utah bout hydrofracking who asked "what's that?" surprisingly since there is an apparent anti movement there as well as fracking victims. He must have been not long out of highschool&worked where I was waking up that had a TV on w bits of the pres debate. Comments on nrg independence caught my attn. Ideally I need to go to every state &open my big mouth about this very serious issue. No way4me to do that but would if I could.
Take note of what these mountains look like surrounding the great salt lake bcoz man is prob about to violently deface them.

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