Sunday, April 20, 2014

October 6th 2013  

Rip Cookie monster

Waiting to fall back asleep. Watching show on student loans. Waiting to die. Needed proper guidance

i will not accept a stranger coming into this family (brother in law) who has no welcome here outside of The Way

International; i still have other plans in mind to execute if nothing comes to be. i've waited a REALLY long time for

things to work out knowing i don't belong living like this. there's a whole lot more...

October 5th 2013 

Comfortably numb. Mom's friend saw us at dinner 2nite. I was only at dinner because of a mistake that once mom found out

about I was able to point out helped cause this train wreck. I got the distinct feeling i'm on a friend shitlist. This is a

friend that had to help transport mom when I refused waiting on Claire but mom refused to ask Claire. Claire recently

passed reckless consideration with flying colors. She's all enthusiastic to help mom with physical transportation of an

object but when it comes to caring for Christine during upcoming tough times, clueless shines through. Nice future


Christine just had another temper tantrum based on her doing something wrong.

October 3rd 2013

Depressed. A life wasted.

nobody saw this train wreck coming who knew me before but thanks for the reminder


October 2nd 2013 

Note to self: mom thinks she can cover up the truth of the past by making sure Christine doesn't wash posts and pans

anymore. That's what she was doing when she fell back,fainted, and mom had to call 911 for the first times and Christine

was finally put on seizure meds. Another lie she told surrounding this incident.

September 30, 2013

Mass confusion. The trinity

Finally nailed it. It's like an exorcism takes over during bouts of negativity. 2 young and dependent minds at stake and no

one stepped in to stop it from ruining lives. The hell if this county is not going to protection it's most vulnerable.

September 27, 2013 

Letterman: bono or paul hewson has the balls to talk about fighting terrorism but not MONSANTO. Riiiiight.

September 25, 2013  

The gates of hell are going to swing wide open if I don't die. Mom's not keeping track of lies told to the surrogate's

court. Another example tonight regarding dinner and pain in her hands.

mom just proved why possibly judge wilson asked for early retirement. because outside of this house Christine is not the

independent my mother LIED her to be.

September 22, 2013   

Stressed! And from what I can tell aunt maureen stopped asking if i'm here. My godmother failed to come thru for me when I

needed her protection so instead i'm still waiting to die. I could have used her help when a japanese-american was starting

the next fallen chapter of my life and she couldn't come thru because she could never go against my mother who "lost a

child." I didn't even brother going to her hubby's wake and funeral. As cold as that sounds I just couldn't do it. Lots of

people lose children AND THEY GO TALK TO SOMEONE. Not here.



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