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The following email was sent to me as final word after NY Disability services got away with closing my case stating I need to go to a brain injury rehab proving I'm employable and engage in Pharmalogical needs for my disability. It is from a woman named Kate Falcon who moved to Utica NY from NYC because of 9/11/01 (I think). Kate Falcon allowed my life to be ruined after NY Disability services said they would pay for me to go to that place and be treated (OF COURSE THE FUNDER GETS THE SAY!). Years later Kate had to protect a woman with a brain injury who was a pediatric nurse previous to injury and after jerking that nurse around Kate was no longer employed in Utica and few of us will ever know if she was fired or allowed to resign or retire. Welcome to the bizarre nature of those in power in NYS. MOST are never fired and there is no accountability (my flame to the frying pan existence). This is only a piece in the mountain of history with these people who have disregard for those they're supposed to protect. Sound familiar?

>From: kfalcon <kate.falcon@rcil.com>
>To: Occupied Newbie
>Subject: RE: phone call follow up
>Date: Tue, 21 May 2002
>Don't be so rigid. Arguing for every little dot and comma is not helping.
>Everyone is not all wrong or all right. But if we are all coming to similar
>conclusions maybe you need to re-visit your own opinions.-K\
some previous emails to this one from Kate:
>From: kfalcon <kate.falcon@rcil.com>
>To: Occupied Newbie
>Subject: Contact with VESID
>Date: Fri, 5 Apr 2002
>Occupied Newbie,
>Tried to reach Reyone and/or Doherty. They won't be back until Wed. next. So
>we'll try again next week. Call me Friday afternoon. Email me your correct
>phone #-, it's buried somewhere....
>Kate Falcon
>Call collect!
2. from me to her on above date:

Tue 4/09/02

Please be aware of what happens with these state disability services. For example, when Donna Gillette intervened for me, Stephen Novacich didn't answer her for 2 months and when she got in touch with him, he said he couldn't find my stuff. True or not true, something is very wrong because it doesn't take 2 months for this type of thing. So if you find you're not getting answers, know what they do. There's probably other things you should know and I'll let you know as I remember them.

I certainly have no problem doing what I can on my end of things but I only hold so much weight.

Occupied Newbie

>From: kfalcon <kate.falcon@rcil.com>
>To: "Occupied Newbie
>Subject: Check this out
>Date: Fri, 19 Apr 2002
>Info on business plans, this is a nice site...-Kate Falcon
>From: kfalcon <kate.falcon@rcil.com>
>To: Occupied Newbie
>Subject: RE: RE: please help with state disability services
>Date: Thu, 25 Apr 2002
>Occupied Newbie
>Debbie Reyome from job coaching called me back yesterday afternoon and indicated
>that they (state disability services)would be writing to you in lieu of calling in order to 'get
>everything straight'. This may be a good thing to have documented. Please
>update all of your medical records as pertains to current employability;
>this includes a current psych evaluation. I anticipate a struggle here, and
>I want to have as much information that supports your employment goals as
>By the way, have you a current employment plan that has changed or been
>modified since your last state disability service meeting? Call or email. I'll be out at
>another state disability service meeting until 2:30p today.-Kate
>From: kfalcon <kate.falcon@rcil.com>
>To: dgillette <donna.gillette@rcil.com>
>CC: Occupied Newbie
>Subject: Occupied Newbie job search
>Date: Tue, 30 Apr 2002
>Spoke to Occupied Newbie today......State disability service is again trying to 
>find reasons not to
>work with her....however, I was just thinking...her local ILC is @ 20
>miles away. Might they be interested in seeing her resume? I think it's
>worth a shot. After all, who better to employ then those capable consumers
>whom we try to help? Your thoughts? Please copy Occupied Newbie at this cc email
6. From me to Kate Falcon after her behavior shocked me into silence after 
all this time

Mon 5/20/02

The outcome of today's meeting was not what it was supposed to be. Regardless, of where ever I may go or whatever I may do I atleast could and should get help with endeavors until then. Regardless of anything, I'm entitled to getting help setting up work from home if that's what I need (if state disability services insist that I'm not office material - which is ludicrous in all reality). They based what they had to say on an environment which was not conducive to my disability in the first place. Regardless of the setup, I carried out the job until the minute the job ended.

I can't be expected to make sense in all that I said today. I did much better at the meeting reading because (as you saw as time went on) I was not prepared for a lot. I have no intention (regardless of anyplace I may go at whatever time in the future) of doing absolutely nothing. It's obvious to me that I have not been successful setting up work from home on my own. I'll simply ask for that help if State Disability Services insist I'm not office material.

Is it possible to get help setting that up???

Occupied Newbie

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